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    Are M&Ms Gluten Free?

    Hi! I have a 4yr old son with Celiac. He is extremely sensitive to gluten, and eats M and Ms all the time with no reaction. The peanut and plain are both safe, but not sure about ant other types. Skittles are gluten-free too! Enjoy!
  2. snoopdawn

    "night Terrors" And Gluten?

    In addition to the previous post, I also have a 2 year old son, no signs of Celiac at this time and NO night terrors either!
  3. snoopdawn

    "night Terrors" And Gluten?

    Yes. I have a 4 year old son who was diagnosed w/Celiac about 6 months ago. He has had frequent night terrors since he was about 2 years old. He would wake up screaming and talking with his eyes open, but he was not really awake, and he was nearly impossible to comfort. It seems his night terrors have gotten better since he's been gluten free, but still has them rarely. Never thought the two were related until I saw your post. Very interesting!
  4. Hi! I have a 3 year old son recently diagnosed with Celiac disease, confirmed blood/biopsy. He has been doing well on gluten-free diet; however, when he accidently eats just a small amount of gluten, he suffers from SEVERE, debilitating stomach pains, vomiting, loss of appetite, and extreme fatigue for 2-4 days and can only tolerate sips of water during this time. He has never experienced diarrhea. Just wondering if anyone else out there suffers from such pain and for such a long period of time. Is this common? Gas medications, tylenol seem to help just slightly. Anything that helps with the pain?? Any info would help. Thanks!!!