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    gluten-free cooking, athletic training, sports, watching guilty pleasure TV (HGTV, TLC, E!, WE etc....I can't help myself), reading chick lit
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  1. GFzinks09

    My First Run Outside In Weeks

    So I've already told you about my Na imbalance. I've had serious anxiety about running by myself without a partner after...
  2. GFzinks09

    Making Up For Lost Time

    So I've been MIA lately! Sorry!! Last week was a busy week of working for school, teaching, and doing per diem. Didn...
  3. GFzinks09

    Super Bowl (Weekend Part 2)

    Ok, That entry was getting a bit long so I thought I'd continue here. We got home and I had to finish grading lab...
  4. GFzinks09

    Weekend Wrap Up

    So this weekend we went skiing at mount snow with a group of people from college. There was no internet, barely any...
  5. GFzinks09


    So today was my first ever solo lecture for the undergraduate students! It was a lot more prep work and took forever...
  6. GFzinks09

    Beginning Of Feb

    So it's Feb already! I can't believe how quickly the time flies. We are getting ready to go up to Mt. Snow for the...
  7. So I've been sick on a off for a few weeks. Thought I had gotten over it until a few days ago. The cough has subsided...
  8. GFzinks09

    Gluten-Free Runners In Boston?

    Hi, I'm a runner living in Boston. I have to train for a 1/2 marathon in about 2 months and my old running partner...
  9. GFzinks09

    Grocery Store

    Grocery shopping has historically taken me, a sufferer from self-diagnosed ADD/ADHD an excruciatingly long time. However...
  10. GFzinks09

    Yum Yums For Tonight

    So I believe I have just about mastered not having to cook a gluten free meal and then a regular meal separately. We...
  11. GFzinks09

    Another Day In The Life

    So a story I forgot to tell you all yesterday... I woke up at about 5:30 in the morning sick as a dog and made the mistake...
  12. GFzinks09

    Cambridge, Mass (or Boston Area)

    Hi all!! I know it's a bit later than you all posted but I'm from Boston as well. I went gluten-free in Dec of 200...
  13. GFzinks09


    I hear your frustrations and I completely agree. I am constantly trying to explain myself and educate friends and family...
  14. GFzinks09

    First Day Of Blogging

    So I've never been good at diaries, journals, blogs, etc. I'm going to do my best here to keep you posted on the daily...
  15. GFzinks09

    New Here, Wife Has Celiac

    Magners cider!!! Maybe because it's good, maybe because I'm irish. And it's not as high in calories as woodchuck!