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    gluten-free cooking, athletic training, sports, watching guilty pleasure TV (HGTV, TLC, E!, WE etc....I can't help myself), reading chick lit
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About Me

Gluten free since December 2008. Still trying to figure everything out and a dedicated blog user while grocery shopping, eating out, researching etc. Decided to join up and start helping others.

Starting to do some research for celiac now and really excited to get involved. More on that later, don't want to jinx it.

I'm a graduate student in Boston and work as an Independent Contractor in Boston - the freedom is AMAZING.

My family does their best to support me, bless their hearts, and my boyfriend states he could never date a non-celiac now because "How can I date someone who can just eat off a regular menu without any questions??? What's the fun in that". Yes - I have brainwashed him don't worry.

  1. So I've already told you about my Na imbalance. I've had serious anxiety about running by myself without a partner after a few scares but I needed to do a 10 miler today and could NOT face doing it on the treadmill. Haven't ran outside in weeks and have only run over 6 2x in the past few months...
  2. So I've been MIA lately! Sorry!! Last week was a busy week of working for school, teaching, and doing per diem. Didn't even have enough time to workout. Then this weekend was Scotty and my "Stay-cation" here in Boston. We got a priceline hotel for Saturday night and made the rule of "no car...
  3. Ok, That entry was getting a bit long so I thought I'd continue here. We got home and I had to finish grading lab reports from last week and made a few questions for the student's exam on Thursday. Then it was time for the Super Bowl! Ok, I'll be honest...I googled, furniture surfed, craigs...
  4. So this weekend we went skiing at mount snow with a group of people from college. There was no internet, barely any phone service, and somewhat satellite TV...it was LOVELY. Well that is except for when people were lost trying to find this house in the abyss of the woods, then it got tricky. ...
  5. GFzinks09


    So today was my first ever solo lecture for the undergraduate students! It was a lot more prep work and took forever to make the slideshow. I never appreciated the work our teachers put in before! I was so excited and I would say it went well. There were definitely times in the class when people...
  6. So it's Feb already! I can't believe how quickly the time flies. We are getting ready to go up to Mt. Snow for the weekend with a big group of friends. I would say I am definitely nervous. This will be my first group weekend in a long time. Normally I manage to avoid these situations or only...
  7. So I've been sick on a off for a few weeks. Thought I had gotten over it until a few days ago. The cough has subsided but now getting O2 into the system is impossible as the cold moves it's way out. We finally had a weekend of no visitors, no work, no nothing except relaxing and catching up on...
  8. GFzinks09

    Grocery Store

    Grocery shopping has historically taken me, a sufferer from self-diagnosed ADD/ADHD an excruciatingly long time. However, then I became gluten-free and wouldn't you know....it takes even longer. I used to just walk aimlessly picking whatever was on sale, looked interesting, or I had always loved...
  9. So I believe I have just about mastered not having to cook a gluten free meal and then a regular meal separately. We cook separate pastas for me and Scott because, well, he eats like a horse and gluten free food costs approx $2.50 more per bag of pasta than his 89 cent boxes of stop and shop brand...
  10. So a story I forgot to tell you all yesterday... I woke up at about 5:30 in the morning sick as a dog and made the mistake of rubbing my eyes. Well, I managed to get a piece of (what I discovered later to be) fuzz stuck in there and although I have been educated (my profession) on how to properly...
  11. So I've never been good at diaries, journals, blogs, etc. I'm going to do my best here to keep you posted on the daily FML moments of my life. If anyone actually reads this bad boy please do post a reply or let me know it's not out lost in cyber space somewhere. I'm getting ready for school...
  12. figuring out how to use this system!