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    Very social-enjoy getting together with friends and family, spending time with my basset hound Trixie, eating was a big favorite of mine but having trouble with that lately. Enjoy nature, museums, NYC, the beach, sports, champagne!!
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    Jersey Shore

About Me

Hi, Im 37 years old, happy, active person. Enjoy being social, going to the beach, DID ENJOY EATING until this past year. Was diagnosed with DH and wow has my world changed! All I can say is Thank God I can still drink my champagne!! Came to this site for support and ideas for dealing with this lifestyle change. And who knows maybe meet some new friends!! :D

  1. Thank God Im not alone! Im newer to this whole gluten thing and notice if I eat something I shouldnt it doesnt hit me right away. I get the rash 2-4 days after, feel like theres a cinder block in my belly for a few days, then maybe at about a week or so later the real pain starts! The abdominal shooting pain is almost unbearable. You think you have to go to the bathroom but not much happens just waves of shooting pain and sweats. Is this similar to anyone else?? Does it take that long to get it out of your system? Ive really had a hard time adjusting to all this. Its depressing to not
  2. Yes, yes, and YES!!! This rash makes you absolutely nuts!! I have been dx with DH almost a year now, derm asked me right away if I had a gluten allergy and I was like WHAT?? He did a bx of one of the boo boos and sure enough!! The bx site took prob 6 mos to heal. I never had a rash in my life before this and starting at 37?? It starts out on my lower legs/shin, will come up on my shoulder blade, then go to my fingers. Its bizarre. So I stopped gluten and I didnt want to add one more pill to my regimen(dapsone), and realized so many things with my body really werent normal like I thought
  3. Exploring this new site :)

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