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    homeschooling my son and anything outdoors
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    The day he was born I breastfed him he seemed very gassy in pain and very wet stools at each feed not knowing at the time the pasta bread and all the foods I ate was hurting him then on November 2, 2009 we chose o feed him after many years of feeding him pasta bread pizza or anything he wanted we cut back. On november 20th we had his blood tested for celiac disease the test came back and I say it what the ped said " borderline celiac disease" so we went back to the old foods he loved and on 11/30 to 12/3/2009 he was tested for all food and product care even eniromental allergens. it can back for all meat and shell fish wheat all dairy (inclueding eggs) green beans soy rice carrots but not corn or any others by the patch test or under the skin he is allergic to dogs cats and dust mites he is allergic to all kinds of non-organic care products and cleaners we use around the home. I need more then just papers to tell me what to use or feed him he hates the new foods what can I do please someone help me!