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  1. Hi everyone! I'm Nancy, age 32, in NJ. Have had on and off tummy issues whole life and lately feeling very "brain fogged", lots of headaches, feeling "drugged" at times and lots of mouth sores. I have 2 children with a variety of food related issues (not celiac) so I am not new to extreme food restrictions (had a child who was NO food for years)...anyway, I just started trying to go gluten-free 3 days ago. day 1 and 2 I was home so all was great. Day 3 (yesterday) was my nephew's graduation party and i forgot my safe food, so I ate wheat....I dont feel sick to stomach BUT like I got hit by a bus, and my stomach looks 3 months pregnant...is it possible that my body could have started to detox in as little as 2 days and is protesting now? Or do things get worse before they get better? I feel so lousy today, I only drank water and ate boiled pork chop and a sweet potato...I just feel so sleepy and bloated....I don't even want to eat!! Thanks for listening!!
  2. nmorris087

    Grieving Process For Just Diagnosed Kids

    Hi I have 2 sons both who have medical issues and have had to deal with food restrictions throughout their lives (they are 6 and 9 and have had varying levels of restrictions at different times). I agree that a matter of fact, "it could make you sick" response is important. Also not allowing your emotions to get in the way is important too. I used to tell myself, I would not feel emotional telling them they could nto drink bleach so why do I feel emotional saying they can't eat forbidden foods? Once you think of it like that, it helps to not feel so guilty. You are your child's advocate and protector and as long as you know what you are doing is right and out of love, she will "feel" that. You may also consider having her speak to a social worker or counselor at the GI office (most children hopsitals have social workers/psychologists who are used to dealing with children with special medical issues/restrictions. Educating your daughter's school and freinds may also help. She is mourning a loss of her favorite foods but also a loss of normalcy and "fitting in." If she feels accepted and is treated just like a normal child (which she is) she will adjust better/faster. Treat her as you did the days before you found out...she's still the same child just with a changing diet....I know it's really hard. As I said I am a mom fo two boys with food issues and I am also a social worker who works with children and families so please feel free to message me and we can talk more about it. She (and you) *WILL* be OK! ((hugs)) Nancy
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    New To All This

    Hi! I joined this forum for my own dietary issues BUT wanted to say that I have a son who has severe GI issues--well he did, he is in "remission" now...he has Eosinophilic gastroenteritis (www.apfed.org) and was on special formula ONLY for years and then gradually added things back in, but we lived many many years on a handful of foods. I recommend you see a GOOD allergist. GI, and nutritionist at a children's hospital. If you'd like, we can talk on list or off about the challenges of having a child who is allergic to almost everything! I have been there and it can be very challenging...mentally and physically Nancy