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  1. Like others who have posted their results, I would like to ask a question on mine. My GI only tested tTg iga which mine was normal (<2) or negative. Quantitative serum IgA (again mine was in normal range) and he did the gene test - forgot the exact name but DQ2 was negative, and DQ8 positive. Please can anyone tell me whether I should pursue this further? (I would go to a different GI guy). My GI guy reluctantly did the tests saying - your symptoms are all IBS...and brushed me off. I can't stand doctors like that. I haven't gone gluten free yet; but with one positive gene, do you think my husband and children (all grown) should get tested? My husband is having an upper endoscopy in a few weeks for new onset heartburn (He has same GI guy - great!!) My GI guy said when he scoped me 3 years ago (to rule out an occult GI bleed) he biopsied for celiac and it was negative - I didn't think to ask him HOW MANY samples he took!! I'm not sure where to go - pursue further labs, or seek another GI doc, and have him/her do endoscopy. I have the advantage to be located near the Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, which has its very own Celiac Center/Unit! I'd probably go there.
  2. Just to say, I haven't been tested for celiac, but have a HUGE amount of symptoms... but I do have RA (rheumatoid arthritis) and when I tell people that, they say ..."oh I have that in my finger"...um yeah right, like WTH??? I have widespread joint pain, have to take terrible meds to control it and STILL have pain, they just don't understand the flippin' disease. RA does NOT equal osteoarthritis....*sigh* sorry, I know it's a celiac site....(I'm having my labs done tomorrow) but celiac is a life long chronic illness, and so is RA and I KNOW what you mean!!!!!
  3. That is good to know that cruise lines do this. I have not had my blood tests yet, but strongly suspect I may have Celiac's (hope not though). We have been on 2 cruises with Princess and loved them both. We plan on another one, and may try Royal Caribbean next! Thanks for the info!!
  4. 1St Blog....ever

    I'm still in process of diagnosis, but have dropped 20 lbs last fall and felt lousy, (although I can afford to lose more). I don't have time for this disease either! If I do have it! I haven't gone gluten free yet because I'm getting the labs done next week, and then if I need an endoscopy, well.... Good luck to you both!
  5. I had my GI appt and requested Celiac testing. He asked a few questions, wanting to know only my GI symptoms that I was concerned with. I realize he is a gastroenterologist, but I wanted to bring in ALL my symptoms (osteopenia, neuropathy, balance issues, vision change, and some others) to look at WHY I wanted testing. He didn't seem interested...(Mind you I've seen this guy before for my GERD). He did an EGD and colonoscopy on me in '08 when I presented with profound anemia - eventually determined to be due to a medication I was taking. He told me today that he biopsied my small intestine for Celiac's at that time (I wasn't complaining of any symptoms then), and that was negative. Hmm, he had never told me that.... So he's sending me for some labs...some IgA studies, I see nothing about IgG, should I have had those? He's also sending me for these: tissue translutaminase Ab IgA serum IgA (quantitative) HLA DQ2 , DQ8 Is this enough? he also stated the accuracy of these tests was very high - 98% but that is not what I've been reading... Your thoughts are appreciated.
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