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  1. My 13 year old decided on his own to go off all gluten and it's been amazing! He focuses better in school and feels better. A few weeks ago he tried eating gluten and was absolutely miserable. He will never eat any again!
  2. I've learned it's just better and easier to bring my own food and snacks and just enjoy the fellowship instead of focusing on the food. At my work's Friday meetings, I eat my banana and yogurt while the others munch on donuts and I don't feel deprived in any way. We laugh and talk and don't ever focus on the food. It's not always easy. When I went to a bridal shower a few weeks back, I almost cried at the menu. That was the turning point for me to realize I need to focus on other things besides food. My rule is if I didn't make it and it doesn't have a label, I won't eat it. Jenn
  3. I am happier. I feel so much better, that I smile more. I don't run to the bathroom after a meal. To me, it's all good! Jenn
  4. Today is day 3 without wheat for my son and he looks and feels great. He is more polite, and smiles all the time. He says he can't believe how great he feels!!! Jenn
  5. I convinced him to try it for at least a week. He's been having some stomach issues, is tired all the time, and has huge dark circles under his eyes. He was allergic to virtually everything when he was born, outgrew everything but peanuts, and then at 11 tested negative for peanuts too! He still avoids all peanuts, but he's found he hasn't been feeling well lately and thinks it could be food. I told him I would help him with whatever he wanted to try, so he decided to try going without gluten. I pray this helps him feel better and focus more clearly at school. He went from a straight A student to B's and C's this year. So unlike him... Wish us luck! Jenn
  6. The Cupcake Pebbles are pretty gross anyway.
  7. We had a potluck luncheon at the school where I teach today. Two of my coworkers made me gluten-free items. One made a ranch potato salad and brought in the labels so I could be sure it was safe. Another coworker made peanut butter fudge that was gluten-free and gave me the ingredients beforehand so I could double check that it was safe! I made some gluten-free Sausage and peppers. So combined with the fruit, veggies, and salad, I had a great lunch with fudge for dessert! Really made me feel good after how down I was feeling from the bridal shower! I only had one kind of shock: a coworker I consider a friend and eat lunch with every day told me she didn't have time to check the labels for her taco dip. She told me what was in it, but I didn't risk it. I was surprised because I asked her earlier in the week if she would read the label on the beans to check for me, but she couldn't be bothered. That's okay...I had plenty to eat!!! Jenn
  8. Suggestions anyone? I don't cook, so making my own is not a good idea! Thanks, Jenn
  9. I react very badly to high doses of Niacin. My arms start hurting so much I swear they are going to fall off. It could be you are getting too much B12. Especially since you are also taking B complexes.
  10. My breakfast of choice is Rice Chex and a banana, but I've always been a cereal girl!
  11. Well, I survived the bridal shower, but there wasn't much for me to eat. Luckily I took some advice and did eat a bowl of cereal before I went. There was fruit and cupcakes for dessert, so my friends took both and gave me the fruit. That's all I ate. I did have a moment when everyone was eating their meal that I felt tears well up in my eyes. I silently talked myself down by reminding myself it's only food. That was hard. Jenn
  12. Shortly after having my gallbladder removed last May, the gluten intolerance became apparent. Everyone blamed my intestinal and bowel issues on my lack of a gallbladder. Now that I am gluten-free, I don't have those issues at all.
  13. Thanks! It isn't easy, but after the chicken salad incident from last week, I am strictly living by it!
  14. I agree about the thyroid. It made me have carpal tunnel like symptoms and I went through the painful testing just to find out it wasn't that. My thyroid and I are on relatively good terms now. I understand it and know when it is to blame for the way I feel! If you haven't had yours checked, I suggest you do. Also know that even though the "normal" TSH levels go up to 5.5, most people feel best under 2. Good Luck! Jenn
  15. That was really nice of your aunts! I see you went gluten-free at Christmas. I did too!!! 12/26 to be exact!!! Jenn
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