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  1. Old topic, but I've just been trying to find if there was a link, was googling and this came up. Reading another thread about children got me thinking about my children. My son had pyloric stenosis which was surgically treated when he was 5 weeks old. I tested positive on the celiac...
  2. Thanks Luddie, you are absolutely right in that I am moving less and less, it's mainly down to the chronic fatigue, muscles weakness that I have. My whole system is sick, it seems. I feel like I'm hunching over, and everything is getting worse and worse. I'm not in a position right now to...
  3. I am gluten intolerant, maybe celiac (positive bloods) and my joints are all terrible, I feel like a very elderly lady, and I'm in my thirty's. I can't walk on my feet properly (diagnosed with planta fascietis sp, and bursitis) also I recently have terrible weakness and pain my my knees and hips...