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  1. Hi there, I read your post and am interested in finding out the Sjogrens was dignosed. I've had minor health issues...
  2. aussiechick4jc

    Dry Mouth A Side Effect?

    Hi there, I'm wondering if someone might be able to give me some direction. I have uncomfortable dry mouth, although...
  3. Hi there, Thanks so much for this post. I am only just starting to looking into the creams, shampoos and cosmetics...
  4. aussiechick4jc

    Glutened: Numb Hands

    Hi everyone, Thanks heaps for your posts, they are very imformative. Just wondering if anyone has had joint pain with...
  5. Hi Di, thank you so much for the emails you sent me. 'Yes' I did receive them and am very grateful for your time. You words and advise is much appreciated as I am new and my aim is to feel well. I look forward to receiving the websites and will get the information regarding the gluten capsules and send it to you. Thank you again and God Bless - Karen

  6. Hi Karen,

    I'm a bit new to this PM'ing so can you confirm that you received my 3 replys?

    I'll put together some websites for you later today/tonight

  7. Hi, Need help - been seeing a dietician as suspected gluten intolerant. So far I
  8. aussiechick4jc


    Hi everyone, Just wondering if someone can give me some input. I've been doing the gluten free thing for two weeks...
  9. aussiechick4jc

    Help - Need Some Advise

    My Celiac's test was bloods and so was the Sjogrens tests. I have had thyroid checked - all good. Had allergy testing...
  10. Hi everyone, My name is Karen and at the end of this year I will turn 50. I would really appreciate any input or advise...