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    Dr Deficiency

    I think you hit it right on the head. The only way to get production ($$$$$) out of Celiac patients is to do endoscopic surgeries. And I know the big medical conglomerate that actually owns the gastroenterology practice has production goals that the doctors and staff have to meet. Hence the reason to have a FNP on staff and meeting with patients. HMO and PPO insurance has really hurt the medical profession. But that is another topic.
  2. Jewels50

    Dr Deficiency

    I live in the Eastern NC area and am struggling to find a good Dr, gastroenterologist here in the area. I was was told yesterday by the FNP at my gastroenterologist’s office that it is “not true” that other autoimmune diseases can be present with Celiac. When I showed here the FAQ from the U of Chicago Celiac Disease Center, she replied, “well, they could be.” When I showed her the full Celiac panel I had done and paid for myself, she wanted to know why I did that. I again mentioned that the DGP IgG is the best indicator of Gluten in the diet (mine is negative). She again told
  3. Oooooo! I have checked out their website and they ship!! Thank you!
  4. Thank you for the link. I have had my own celiac panel done. My tTg were still slightly elevated as well as my DG Abs, IgA. My DG Abs, IgG was negative. From the research I have done, if the DGP IgG is negative, then I am NOT ingesting gluten. http://www.cureceliacdisease.org/faq/in-follow-up-blood-testing-why-would-ttg-be-negative-and-dgp-be-positive/. Am I interpreting this correctly? I had a thyroid panel done at the same time and noticed that while still in the normal range, my TSH was on the high end and my free thyroxine was on the lowest end. So I had a thyroid antibody
  5. Nima is coming out with a sensor for those with peanut allergies this fall! Yay! My Grandson has a bad allergy to peanuts (epi pens kind) and this sensor will help to make a huge difference to my daughter's family eating out dilemma.
  6. https://www.walkinlab.com/catalogsearch/result/?order=relevance&dir=desc&q=celiac+panel&btnSearchSubmit= This one you can access directly without a doctor involvement. They send you to a draw site. Other forum members have used this or at least have linked to this site for others. I believe you have to pay cash but am not sure if they bill insurance. https://www.gdx.net/ This is where I have had all my Celiac testing and follow-up done. You need a doctor who tests with them but they have a section where they list doctors in your area, if there a
  7. Good to know that the Nima can be overly sensitive. I would be interested in the lab information. Thank you!
  8. Recently, my lab test came back slightly elevated (5) on my tTg levels plus I have been having the symptoms of being glutened. I was diagnosed 6 years ago and for the most part, have been doing okay with the occasional set back usually due to a cross contamination issue at a restaurant and a well meaning friend or relative thinking that they could do the gluten-free thing. I found I cannot do oats at all by adding some gluten-free ones back in one day. I have gone to a whole foods type of diet while trying to figure out what I could possibly be eating that is causing my tTg level to be
  9. In an effort to find out what I have been eating that is causing my symptoms (migraines, joint pain, brain fog, fatigue, gut pain) I have invested in a Nima tester. Peanut M&M's DID NOT pass the gluten free test! I highly suspect cross contamination as Mars have so many M&M's that contain gluten items like pretzels and cookies. Peanut M&M's are off my safe list of something quick to grab. It also helps to shed light on why my tTg is slightly elevated as I have been eating them as of late. Since I am going with whole foods for awhile to see if that helps resolve my symp
  10. Okay, great information about the tests. Good to know! After the initial gluten challenge I was positive for DGP IgA, TTG IgA, EMA IgA. I am smacking my head! I too am one of the 10% who cannot eat ANY oats. My husband uses a gluten-free bread mix to make gluten-free bread. It is possible that it has some trace amounts of oats in it as the manufacturer also makes things with gluten-free oats. (Personally, I grew up on a farm and I do not see oats becoming gluten-free being "mechanically sorted". Oats grow in wheat/barley fields and vice versa.). Thank you for thi
  11. Thank you all for your replies and suggestions! I did get a copy of my lab results. 3 were done in the past 6 years. Yes, 3. Oh I have had blood drawn lots but only 2 were a panel of tests for Celiac (2011 & 2012), but this last one done (2017) was just for tTg. My tTg was 5 on the most recent test. Down from 32 back in 2011. I have questions for my gastro - why wasn't a full panel of celiac testing done at the most recent blood draw? 5 years between tests - is that normal? If my tTg is at 5, how can you possibly decide that I am "cheating"? (5 is low positive for Celiac
  12. I exist! I have confirmed Celiac with biopsy and positive blood work but my genetic testing says I do not have the DQ2 or DQ8 gene. So when I read the so called experts state it is impossible to have Celiac without those two gene markers, I tune out. I am not sure if I have the DQ9 gene or not. Thank you Ravenwood for pointing that out. I was born and raised on a large wheat and barley farm. I worked shoveling wheat/barley (think wheat dust), pulling rye from wheat and barley fields, and eating home ground/made wheat bread. As a child, I was sick A LOT with throwing up, diarrhea, horrib
  13. Hi Tessa25, thank you for all your input and help with this! Yeah, the more I deal with this assistant, the more I am convinced she makes incorrect assumptions and generalizations. She postulated today that the dietician hasn't called me yet because "they are probably trying to figure out my insurance". Because, you know in these days of high speed internet and insurance websites to confirm benefits, it takes AT LEAST 10 business days (and counting) to do so.
  14. Yes, back to a restricted diet. I am also doing the (tried and true for me) probiotic, magnesium, herbal /holistic approach to leaky gut regime and re, re, re researching how many ppm of gluten are in foods I eat. A food diary will help. Thanks!
  15. Hi Gemini, great information and I will ask.
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