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  1. Hi all, Was just wondering if anyone has a list of naturally gluten free foods in Aus, I know there are lists about health foods, but I would love to have a list with foods that do not state that they are gluten free, but they actually are.
  2. Ebonyjade93

    Someone To Talk To

    Heyy I'm Ebony, I'm 19 and the only one in my family who is gluten free, it would be good to have a penpal to talk to about everything xx
  3. Ebonyjade93

    Still Finding It Hard

    Thank you for all your replies!! I will have to see if I can get my hands on quail eggs, and I'll just keep testing what it might be, if cutting dairy doesn't make a difference, I will cut out soy. Its a pain, but rather that pain than physical pain!!! I have never tried tofu so I will have to, I bought rice milk yesterday, I love it!! I will try almond milk next and see what that is like Java I am so sorry you are going through so much pain I get the same as you but my heart burn is just acid reflux, no burn :S I thought I was getting better too, but nope my body had other plans! I love cold milk to Java but I think it is time we gave it up for a while, hopefully not forever!! I am determined now to heal my villi, I don't know much about probiotics so any information would be gladly accepted!! I am just trying to learn as much as I can I really truly hope you feel better asap Java, if you want someone to talk to about it all, I'd be glad to, I feel so alone while going through this sometimes and just want someone to talk to that has been through all of it aswell!!
  4. Ebonyjade93

    Still Finding It Hard

    Thanks Justlisa, I will have to try the coconut milk in cooking
  5. Ebonyjade93

    Still Finding It Hard

    Thank you both I'm going to go dairy free for sure, just had another bad turn, woke up with the worst pains in my stomach!! Can't do it anymore, and like you said lil'chefy, I want to know what it feels like being 100% better, I am so much better already but just sometimes I have issues like last night. I will definitely have to try almond milk, I have tried rice milk and soy milk before and I actually love them, so thats a plus, just not sure what you would use to replace things like eggs (I try to stay away from eggs as much as possible cause I noticed I have issues with them). I also do not drink anything with caffeine, so no soft drinks, coffee, and I don't even drink tea anymore, just good old water. I will also have to try coconut milk as I have never tried that before so thanks DT for the info on that. And hope your enjoying the course lil'chefy Thanks again for both of your replies
  6. Just wondering if this is normal.. Been gluten free since march and things have improved alot but every now and again I'll get sick, I get nauseated then get sore stomach and feel like I have to go to the toilet all the time, I get D and my stomach is just very sensitive to like tight clothes or any pressure. When I'm not sick I am usually C so who knows what goes on there. Funny thing is that I have worked out nothing that day could have affected me, so it had to be the day before because I baked gluten free cookies and a pear crumble with alot of dairy in it... My questions are, could it be dairy? How do you be gluten free and dairy free!! what would I eat!! Its kinda scary and I don't know what to do, should I see a dietitian? As you can see I am so confused about everything. I really need some help with all this!!
  7. Ebonyjade93


    Thank you so much! Just find its better safe than sorry hehe Thanks again
  8. Hi all I live in Australia and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what is in sucralose, I have googled it but not had any real luck. Just wondering if it is gluten free. It is in my cordial and I haven't been game enough to drink it yet, just in case!!
  9. Ebonyjade93

    Need Help :(

    Thank you Kellbeth and Razzle I think you both might be right, I only ever get D and other symptoms around that time of the month, the rest of the time I'm actually C but no other symptoms, only fear!!! So I'm not sure what happens there either... But I will have to check out probiotics, I've seen people talking about them on here but haven't actually read up properly on them. Kellbeth, I hope your trial goes well and you find what is causing those symptoms, I think you are on the right track though!
  10. Hi all, I have been gluten free for 3 months now, I am self-diagnosed. I have been feeling much better, like 90% much better, there is something else that bothers me though, and I am having trouble finding it... I keep thinking "oh it must just be me still healing" but it comes on so severe, I get chills and bad D, my reflux comes back badly then in the morning my stomach is sore and mild reflux still...I eat dairy products like cheese, and gluten free biscuits and I do not have a problem, I only suspect milk, but thats silly isnt it? It cant just be milk.... Okay here's another theory which is a bit personal but it usually happens around my periods, just coincidence? I am so fed up with wondering how I'm gonna feel Does anyone have any suggestions on what is going on!? Thanks
  11. Ebonyjade93

    How To Get People To Understand...

    Hey Lexi, I'm 19 and self diagnosed and I find the diet hard sometimes even with my family's support so I feel for you!! You probably have already done this but if you havent Maybe sit down with your family and explain to them how sick you feel when you eat gluten.. Go food shopping with ur mum or dad and check out the gluten free section, at the start I used to cook my own dinners now we cook dinners that can also be gluten free, if they have like a pie or something though mum will get me some steak and veggies for dinner. It will get easier!! You just have to get your family to see how important it is that you don't eat gluten, and u can't eat salads all the time!!! And good on you for not cheating, I don't either cause of how sick I get, it does suck!!! I really hope things get better for you!! Xx
  12. Ebonyjade93

    Symptoms With Period.

    I am exactly the same!!! I'm so glad I found this thread as I just went through this, some months are worse than others, this month is painful!!! I dread my periods!! I get so bloated aswell and the worst stomach pains, it's hard to tell if I've been glutened or it's just because I'm going to get my periods.... I also get D, but I also get C aswell some months. Just good too know I'm not alone with this... Idk how many times I read threads and think that.
  13. Ebonyjade93

    When Was Your Celiac Triggered?

    I self diagnosed myself when I was 16 as I realised having stomach pains, nausea, bloating, constipation and chronic acid reflux was not normal.... It all only started happening that year aswell.. I have no idea what would of triggered it, I'm 19 now and in my opinion I think it isn't just "triggered" I think the villi gets to the point where it can't take it (gluten) anymore... And bam symptoms galore... Im not sure if I am right so please correct me if I am wrong!! I only think this because I went back to gluten for a while and at the start I was okay but I got sicker and sicker as time went on... So I'm not sure... Maybe that's something to do with how sensitive you are... Haha okay getting off track... I'd love to know more aswell about it all
  14. Thank you for your reply, and I will have a look, it's just hard sometimes to go through the whole supermarket looking at labels or just assuming things have gluten in them when you can actually eat them!! But you are right, we are very lucky here to be accepted so well!! Thanks, Ebony xx
  15. Hi guys, I'm a 19 year old girl, who is the only one in my house that is gluten intolerant. I have been on this diet for over a month now, I feel so much better, I used to be on this diet a few years back but I started eating gluten again (I wish I didn't!!!). I got so bad that everyday I would feel sick. But its all good now and I'm so much happier!! What I would like to know from you fellow Aussie celiacs is, are there any foods that do not state they are Gluten free, but they have no gluten in them at all. I have actually found a few but I'd love to hear more!! I have found that Original Doritos corn chips, Red Rock deli sea salt chips, Praise Italian Dressing, Minties!!! do not say they contain gluten and have not affected me. Thankyou all!! xx