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  1. hating hastags @#hatinghashtags

  2. "History is a set of lies agreed upon." - Napoleon Bonaparte

  3. pretty disappointed i cant see the rocky horror picture show tonight :o

  4. did they tell the results of the mock election at our school yet

  5. i would like to thank everyone for telling me happy birthday yesterday and today you guys are great friends

  6. anyone who likes to play words with friends should play with me i love it

  7. every time i see a sullivan south winter guard SSWG hoodie i think of swag lol

  8. mean girls is on Lane Ford Hackler Brooke Johnson Emma Filetti later im gonna to carve a punkin as the cheshire cat

  9. watching anime in geometry sounds like a plan

  10. I recently found out it does but one disadvantage of that is i can not login with my facebook. At least i dont think so.
  11. I want to go to one but the closest is more than an hour away i believe. But ingles has a bunch of gluten free and dairy free. There is also an Earth Fare near here.
  12. I know exactly how you feel. I am fairly new to being a celiac too. I only know one other person in my area and they are older than me sp i cant relate with them well lol. I am 16 and would like a pen pal too even though i have 2 others already from being on here.
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