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  1. Merry Christmas, guys! The entire family is having a gluteny dinner, though, and I will have to arrange myself with beans and some meat.
  2. Feeling like cr*ap because I have to go egg, seed and nut free for awhile. Still didn't gain dairy back, although I can eat some cheese once a week. So steak and carrot puree seasoned with garlic, black pepper and olive oil it is.
  3. Tomato soup with shredded fish on it. Also mum bought a pumpkin for me to try it out. I wish I could eat grains to make a fried pumpkin cake :/
  4. Slices of one laaarge banana topped with chocolate and cinnamon almond butter Chicken breast yakissoba sans the noodles Guava juice and acerola juice (yup, two glasses) I was hungry.
  5. I made carrot puree and had it with steak. Actually an edible form of carrots, because I hate the taste but have to eat 'em anyways.
  6. Beans and steak. Dried bananas from a different brand dissapointed me and now I'm bloated and gassy. At least I don't have D, nor cramping,.. Well, maybe beans aren't a good idea, but it's what I can eat...
  7. I have fish for dinner... With my lovely sweet potato fries and onion "noodles" (just slices of onions sautéed until soft). Going to try introducing squash to my diet, because I see it around a lot... As soon as my intestines are back on track from trying out carob (it didn't work out) and walnuts ...
  8. Bean soup with pieces of grilled chicken breast. The grain-free diet is working, but several food trialings in the past several weeks didn't work out and I took one step back instead of moving forward.
  9. Beating the egg-whites until they are meringue-like and adding them for last makes the dough rise just as baking powder does. I do that in all my cakes now... I'm just wondering about the taste.
  10. Yes, I based my recipe from the "Simple Bread" of this site... Only that I can't use baking powder or baking soda -- so there's a neat trick with the eggs that eliminates the need for them. And I also don't have agave nectar, so I'm just cutting it out to see how it tastes like. So the ingredients...
  11. I'll try to bake a three ingredients bread loaf whose recipe I just made up. If it doesn't work out, I will eat bean soup! I never liked beans but after going grain-free I adjusted my taste to actually enjoy eating them.
  12. Steak with fried onions. Juice. And a carob coconut bar. My dad just came back from a trip and brought me those fabulous treats, as well as my always favorite soy chocolate aaaaand 2,5 kilos of almonds. Which makes me happy because I starved last week since I didn't have any almonds to make butter...
  13. Just a piece of grilled fish and a glass of passionfruit juice. Not in the mood to eat, to be honest. I tried to eat some rice at lunch to see if I still could handle grains, but I am bloated and uncomfortable and have been like this the entire afternoon. Grain free it is.
  14. I can't eat big meals, unfortunately. So I know I'm just snacking along the day and never having a full meal but when I do, I get bloated and uncomfortable for hours. It has been resolving at a good rate ever since I decided to go grain free. Eating cake with carrots was an utopia one week ago. Either...
  15. Baking my first grain-free cake. And it's chocolate! So I will have a slice of that for dinner, plus peppermint tea, plus boiled carrots (ew, but a girl gotta eat).