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  1. I had to go completely grain-free to achieve complete healing :/
  2. Merry Christmas, guys! The entire family is having a gluteny dinner, though, and I will have to arrange myself with beans and some meat.
  3. Feeling like cr*ap because I have to go egg, seed and nut free for awhile. Still didn't gain dairy back, although I can eat some cheese once a week. So steak and carrot puree seasoned with garlic, black pepper and olive oil it is.
  4. I intend to go back to grains in the future, but maybe not so close future. I created tons of several other intolerances because I kept insisting on grains and things I couldn't tolerate (now I can't eat almonds or flaxseed or too many eggs) and there's a lot of healing to do. And yes, my diet is bread and pasta free. Basically I eat fruit, meat, veggies, eggs and juice.
  5. Basically you have to stop eating a lot of anything because that never goes well (I would know) and try to add some variety. Pick up some new foods, or foods you haven't tested yet and try to see what works for you. Also pay attention to the things you can have small amounts of... I introduced to my diet things I could only eat a little of to make it more diversified and have no problems with it insofar. I'm not sure about leaky gut without parasites, though... I know that I got none because I got my stools tested and it came all clear. I've read celiac disease causes leaky gut so I suppose that might be your case. Either way talk to your doctor and get tested.
  6. Yes. Rice turns out to be too hard on my gut. I'm on a grain-free diet, but I don't have problem with corn as much as I have with rice.
  7. Try eliminating nightshades, and if that doesn't work out, try eliminating grains. Whole foods are about not processed, so use natural herbs to make tea instead of sachets. It's possible to bake cakes and sweets with whole foods. My favorite treat is a chocolate ice cream made out with only bananas, a bit of water, whole cocoa powder and brown sugar.
  8. Tomato soup with shredded fish on it. Also mum bought a pumpkin for me to try it out. I wish I could eat grains to make a fried pumpkin cake :/
  9. Persei V.

    Gluten Free Diet Or Gluten Free Lifestyle?

    I would like not to be serious... But they basically just go clean and low carb. There was even one girl who said she scraped the cheese out of a pizza because there wasn't any gluten free food around in miles. The cheese of a pizza. She then added about being one of the gluten free perks of hers.
  10. Persei V.

    Gluten Free Diet Or Gluten Free Lifestyle?

    I usually get super annoyed with people on Tumblr thinking it's a diet to lose weight and go one about eating a slice of gluteny bread per day because "I heard it's too hard". I myself prefer lifestyle.
  11. I do it a bit differently: I tend to have foods only a few times (three times maximum) a week. I could spend two days eating potatoes at dinner and at lunch, but then I would have to wait five days to eat potatoes again (when a new week starts). But that's because I can hardly eat anything. Apparently I have to go grain, nuts and seed free. I don't have a lot of variety of foods to wait four days before eating certain food again. Though limiting the times I am allowed to eat them sure has worked.
  12. Mine is paleo, -seeds and nuts +potato/white cane sugar. Also known as "The only stuff I can eat" diet.
  13. So I'll start taking l-glutamine. I'm seeing a lot of improvement as the severity of my symptoms lessened a lot, but still I continue to react to even more foods (lost rice, corn, cassava, I think I lost almonds and flaxseed too!) and I have to make a strict diet which doesn't really nourishes me. It basically consists of: juice (guava, acerola, passionfruit) fruit (apples, bananas, dried prunes, dried grapes) beans potatoes (regular and sweet) vegetables (carrots, beets) meat (chicken, bovine, fish) eggs (one per day, but I'm thinking of raising the number) And that's about it, though I have a fast metabolism and I just can't stick just to it because I seriously need carbs or else I just starve no matter what or how much I eat. I know I'll be able to add foods as I heal, so I talked to my doctor about l-glutamine so my healing can be faster. I will only eat what I know I can eat, but it will be hard if I have to go on like this for six months without gaining back at least rice or cassava. Also I know I lost foods because I always slip up and try out new foods when I shouldn't try anything new. Anyhow. L-glutamine plus following the diet. Healing, here I go!
  14. Slices of one laaarge banana topped with chocolate and cinnamon almond butter Chicken breast yakissoba sans the noodles Guava juice and acerola juice (yup, two glasses) I was hungry.
  15. This. It doesn't mean you shouldn't be aware of things that might cause troubles, but I for one, can have starchy vegetables and spicy foods without a problem, while I can't have honey when people seldom have problems with it. Just try not to get overexposed to anything and stick to the foods you can eat and soon you'll be doing great and adding more foods.