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  1. I am a 19 year old celiac and have had it for five years. Prior to being diagnosed, I was asymptomatic. While a lot of people may consider me lucky for never having to deal with...
  2. I'm a college guy, a 19 year old sophomore with celiac disease (obviously). I have never dated before and celiac has been a major reason. That being said, there is a girl who I...
  3. Well, I am currently a college sophomore. As a freshman, we were required to have large meal plans. I had the largest one so I ate in the dining hall every day, but so did everyone...
  4. Thanks for all your responses, they did help. Once again, sorry for ranting.....it's literally been in my head for five years and I needed to get it all out. I go to school in a...
  5. I am a 19 year old guy, currently a college student (home for break though). I have had celiac for five years, so I'm familiar with the disease and everything. I also have Type...
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