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  1. Lisa, as I stated above, I consider it unsafe because Lipton corporate says some of their teas are not gluten free (not all are unsafe, but some definitely use gluten as an ingredient), plus they admit the potential for cross-contamination. It may very well be fine for some of you, but I am one of...
  2. Back when I first saw that myth, I researched the tea bags because at my workplace they provide iced tea for everyone. I discovered Lipton is NOT safe for a celiac. So at my workplace, they switched from Lipton to another brand for my sake. I had come across an email response from Lipton corporate...
  3. For me, the peeling has either been low iron or food allergy (due to oral allergy syndrome, which is not a common allergic reaction), or exposure to gluten. Celiacs can get angular chelitis, which can be caused by nutritional deficiencies. When I researched angular chelitis, I saw that lots of times...
  4. I have mild chicken egg and corn allergies. IgA intolerant to gluten (celiac responses), casein (dairy), soy, egg, beef, pork, chicken, tuna, nightshades, corn, and rice. IgG intolerant to coffee (severe, so treat like an allergy), garlic, sesame, avocado, asparagus, crab, chicken egg, watermelon...
  5. I used to get the same problem, especially after first going gluten free when I was first diagnosed, or if I knew I had accidentally been glutened. For me, it is always a sign of low iron or an allergic reaction to a food. If I know I haven't been exposed to a food allergen, then I know I was probably...