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  1. Widmer brewery in Portland makes a VERY good IPA that is certified at less than 20/ million . I had no reaction to it. Industrial Quaker's oat production...? I have eaten regular...
  2. I have been using more gluten free products lately with Xanthum gum. Initially I found it a little weird. A little bit of stomach rumbling, etc. and a kitchen spill was interesting...
  3. Actually, there are many case studies showing that neuro problems can progress in the absence of gluten in the diet. I found them when I was puzzled as to why my symptoms progressed...
  4. Hi Folks, Have not been on in a long time. My main symptoms prediagnosis were neurological...I Went all the way to cerebellar ataxia. I had great hopes that going gluten-free...
  5. Good for you! I am not a Vegan...but eat mostly vegan. If you claim to be one and then qualify as in "I eat a few eggs" you will get slammed by the true believers. I adopt a vegan...