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    "Vaccine" for Celiac Disease

    Looking at the author's credentials, I suspect that comes from holding anti-vaccination sentiments. It's pretty common in chiropractic practice, unfortunately, and the ridiculousness of the "anti-vaxx" movement aside, it's disappointing that the word itself appears to be a significant hurdle to even considering the therapy. Anyway, in this case, it's a therapeutic vaccine, so "immunization" isn't really the point to begin with, given that gluten isn't a virus or bacteria that the vaccine is training the body to fight against. Instead, the point of the vaccine is to "re-program" the immune system to treat gluten normally, rather than viewing it as a threat. You might already know that, but I suspect quite a few people don't, and the author of this article certainly didn't link to any sources (here and here, incidentally), so I figured I'd mention it.
  2. Magister Mundi

    "Vaccine" for Celiac Disease

    It actually is a vaccine. Specifically, a therapeutic vaccine. I'm not sure why the author is putting it in quotes; this isn't some sort of dubious distinction.
  3. Hello all, I've been doing this whole gluten free thing since my diagnosis two years ago. I'm pretty good at it, but like anyone, sometimes I get blindsided by gluten cross-contamination. One of my main symptoms when glutened is head fog and fatigue. Sometimes I also get a nice dose of both even when I'm pretty certain I haven't been glutened at all (ex: after a week of eating nothing but fruit, vegetables, and poultry from the farm I was staying at), but it's definitely much worse when I've been glutened. I'm a journalist, so my job demands very strict adherence to deadline, and also requires a high level of activity when I'm working. So, when I get totally wiped out for two days straight, like I did this weekend, it's a serious problem for me. How do others with these symptoms cope? Do you have any tips on how to at least get that fatigue and head fog to a manageable level? Thanks in advance!
  4. Magister Mundi

    Weird Skin Rash

    Hello all, I developed a skin rash at around the same time as I developed serious celiac symptoms, and my doctor is pretty certain it's connected somehow. It resembles ringworm (red circle, clear middle), and is definitely not dermatitis herpetiformis. It also seems to move around on my body - a few weeks ago, my back was covered in it, and now it's surrounding my groin area. A couple months ago, it was all around my stomach. I've also started developing weird little pustules on my palms and fingers... little yellow bubbles. Plus, I have constant hay fever symptoms. I know I haven't been glutened recently, so it's not that. We've tried broad-spectrum anti-fungul/anti-yeast treatments, and that seemed to help, but it didn't get rid of it, and the anti-fungal only replacement medication didn't do a whole lot. My doctor is about to send me to a dermatologist, and I applaud the decision - it's definitely negatively impacting many areas of my life, including some, ahem, intimate parts of life - but I'd like to figure out a list of possibilities to ask my dermatologist about. Any ideas? Bacterial overgrowth, maybe? Systemic yeast infection? Anyone else have this problem? As a note, I'm somewhat recently diagnosed - I had my anti-tTg IgA test about a year ago, and my biopsy about 8 months ago.
  5. Magister Mundi

    Hemorrhoids - When To Worry?

    Anucort-HC. No, really - ask your doctor about it (or a derivative). It's a solid suppository, and as a result it takes some getting used to, but once you do get into a pattern it helps so... much... I'm battling a bacterial overgrowth at the moment, and I'm having terrible IBS symptoms PLUS hemorrhoids. But after a week of these, I feel a whole lot better. More regular BMs (still some D, but that comes from the bacterial overgrowth, probably), a lot less pain, and no blood.
  6. Hello all, This is a long one, so please be patient or skip to the bottom for the TL;DR version. So, a little background before I get into my weird post-gluten-free symptoms. I'm 23, male, and a student at the University of Oregon. This last summer I was given a presumptive diagnosis of celiac disease based on blood work (120/30 ELISA units on an anti-tTg IgA blood test). Because I wasn't going to be able to get in to see a specialist for a biopsy for six months due to insurance issues, I went gluten-free at the recommendation of my primary physician. My symptoms did start to recede, ever so slowly... but of course, by the time I was starting to notice a real difference, I got a consultation with a GI specialist, who told me to resume a normal, non-gluten-free diet for two months so as to not throw off the biopsy results. I started eating gluten again for those two months, got an endoscopy/colonoscopy/small biopsy, and - surprise surprise with 4x the "normal" amount of ELISA units - was positively diagnosed with celiac disease. I'm now gluten-free again. It's been two weeks, and I'm just now starting to get over the worst of the gluten withdrawals. With the exception of an incident of very mild cross-contamination at the end of last week, I've been doing alright in my recovery process... with a few weird exceptions. First, my BMs. Surprisingly, while I was back on my gluten-y diet in the leadup to the biopsy, I was pretty regular, and everything was as it was supposed to be. No floating, no malodor, no excess mucous, no partially digested food, etc. However, in the past two weeks since going back onto the gluten-free diet, all of the traditional symptoms of celiac in that department have cropped up. I've become irregular in my BMs, the consistency is off, it's definitely malodorous, digestion isn't working properly, and there's far too much mucous. Huh? Isn't the opposite supposed to be happening? Interestingly, the first time I went gluten-free I also had an abundance of mucous, but none of the other symptoms. Second, allergic reactions. One of the recurring symptoms I had pre-diagnosis was constant itchy, runny, red eyes, even when it wasn't allergy season. In fact, this is so consistent that when I was gluten-free the first time, I used this reaction to tell when I had been glutened. So when I got that cross-contamination last week, my eyes got all itchy, as usual. But then, yesterday... they got itchy again. And I'm 100% certain I didn't get glutened yesterday, since I was at work all day in a food-free environment, and the only things that went into my mouth were very carefully vetted and screened by me beforehand (and were all things that couldn't have been exposed to gluten). Again... huh? TL;DR version: Going gluten-free again appears to have actively made my intestinal issues and allergic reactions worse.