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  1. This is an old post, but I'm glad to read it. My friend made me dinner last night, and it included Trader Joe's lentils. Totally made me sick. I've noticed this with other benign items like beans. No glutin listed in the ingredients, but the cross contamination kills me. I don't have this problem with other brand names or in store brands.
  2. In answer to your question, three months ago I could NOT pass up two bites of a Belgian Lacy Cookie with a roasted marshmellow. It was to die for, literally. I've forgotten the digestive distress it caused, but I remember the rash I had for a month. It was so painful. I hadn't remembered it being so painful before. When I'm tempted, I remember that rash. I'm starting to have food aversions. I've actually asked my coworkers to support me in periods of weakness. They say: "Don't eat it, it will make you sick." I'm grain free, and avoid "gluten free" labels. It's tough, but I've learned a lot about what makes me sick. Prepared and proceesed foods aren't reliable. I challenge you to eat grain free and proceesed free, all prepared at home meals for two weeks, and see how you feel. You can still eat fresh meats and fish, up the greens, sweet potatoes and squash and the olive oil or butter from grass feed cows. Then you'll will see what gluten does to you when you cheat. That little headache that you haven't had suddenly comes back. You mysteriously get another sinus infection, and the list goes one. Don't torture yourself. Your tastes will change, and you will take others with you on a health food journey when they see how amazing your skin looks because of all the beta carotene your getting in your diet.
  3. Glad I saw this. When I can't make my own beans, I buy La Castellina from my local grocer. They are imported from Italy, made from beans, water and salt. I eat them without any ill effect. Since they cost a bit more, I decided to try Trader Joe's canned beans, made with beans, water, salt and calcium chloride. I did this a few times and eliminated any other possible varriables, and got sick every time. Tonight, I tried the canned salmon. This is my second time, and it made me sick. So I'm pretty sure it's the salmon. The dried plums are great, but I'm sensitive to whatever it is they do with most of their products. Also, I'm grain and soy free.
  4. I just opened a bag of Beretta brand from Italy, and it made me sick. Lundberg has gluten free arborio rice, and it's never given me a problem.
  5. I know this is an old thread, but want to put my two cents in. I'm a new kid on the block. I love Lundberg rice. I made a big batch of Berreta arborio rice to bring to work, and head aches, itchiness and skids came back. I can eat Lundberg rice for days without any reaction at all. They make arborio and basmati rice and my local co-op sells it in 20# bags. Personally, I'm sensitive to stuff made in a facilities that process wheat. That's how we figured out I had gluten enteropathy.
  6. Glad I read this, it's similar to my biopsy report. Waiting to take the genetic test.
  7. Just in the midst of a gluten challenge for two months now. My old friends diarrhea, bloat and bad gas are back along with reflux...which I didn't realize I had until it was gone, and eczema. There's a newbie though—migraines. My IgA test was negative before going gluten free, but my MD thought I should try the diet anyway. It was great, but I was shocked at my sensitivity to cross contamination. Not convinced that I didn't have celiac, I went to a GI specialist...who coincidently does not specialize in calling patients back with a diagnosis. Pathology report says that I have esophagitis from chronic reflux, reactive gastritis and increased leukocytes in my duodenum..."see note below". The note below reads: "the findings of the duodenal biopsy reflect gluten sensitive enteropathy in the proper clinical context." I don't have cancer, no ova nor parasites. The nurse called me back, said I had reflux and everything was fine. Since I had privileged information I asked her about the pathologist's note. She hadn't seen the note. She said, "well, you don't have celiac's. You're not having symptoms are you?" Hello, anyone home???? Gluten sensitive enteropathy is celiac disease. My IgA panel was negative, but I was mostly gluten free three to four weeks before mostly because I was too sick to eat anything. I ordered a genetic test, and it hasn't come yet. I have the leukocytes...not sure how many, don't know what the crypts look like. I have experienced improvement on a gluten-free diet. Is that enough for the proper clinical context? Still eating gluten and thinking about doing another IgA panel...but I'm basically over it. Wish the MD would call back. He must be skiing.
  8. My friend invited me over for breakfast, but completely forgot about my diet and was making French Toast. No matter, I brought gluten-free pancake mix and breakfast sausages. Is making my own gluten free food in a french toast environment enough to make me sick? We did share a spatula that was supposedly washed, but maybe it was just rinsed. I wasn't paying attention at the moment. Alternatively, is my gluten-free food making me sick? Seems like I do better not eating things labeled "gluten free". Background: Lactose intolerant at 19. Thought I had leaky gut in my 20's. MD told me I had IBS in my 30's. Had a mysterious problem swallowing this past summer, and pain in my ear. New MD said, I had an ear infection, and my throat was fine. I was also having reflux. Ten days and minus six pounds later. My MD didn't have an answer. I suggested Celiac. My IGA panel was normal, so no scope was warranted. I was on a low gluten diet at the time, mostly because bread and past was making me gag. I have Vit D deficiency (new that) and border line low Iron (MCV). MD suggested a gluten-free diet. I avoided all grains at first, just because I was too sick to cook. I felt great, Eczema went away, Keritosis Pilars got smooth, no digestive symptoms. I ate raw broccoli, carrots and cauliflower for days and didn't have any noticeable gas. Imagine that! Early on, I ate a handful of goldfish crackers at work by mistake. It seemed like a score, such a giant bag. I grabbed a cup to snack on them later at my desk. Two hours after consumption, I thought I was going to explode. After the following three days of bloat, I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach. Not sure where to go from here. The diet is a challenge to learn. Advice? Thoughts? Comments?
  9. If you do a search on how much gluten can make you sick, you will be floored at how sensitive we all really are. From what I've read, before your gut has healed even "gluten free" grains will make you sick. Why? Because wheat is everywhere. Crops are rotated on the same field, transported in the same bins, stored and proceesed and packaged in the same facility. Some studies have found that soy is cross contaminated with wheat up to 3,000 PPM (Anderson 2012). Gluten free products must come in under 20 PPM to have the "gluten free" label. [The FDA] found that for the most sensitive people, intestinal damage begins at 0.4 milligrams of gluten per day (1/200th of a teaspoon of flour or 1/8,750th of that slice of bread), while symptoms begin at 0.015 milligrams of gluten per day (less than 1/500th of a teaspoon of flour or 1/233,333th of that slice of bread). The agency based those conclusions on various studies, including two case studies involving recurrent symptoms in people who consumed communion wafers once each week. (Anderson, 2013) After your gut has healed, you could probably handle "gluten free" grains...maybe. I'm not an expert (but I do have a Bachelors in Nutritional Science) and I'm just figuring all this out in the past couple of months on my own...the hard way, but I've also spent a lot of time reading online. As of right now, I have non celiac gluten sensitivity, I'm just a couple of months into the gluten-free diet, and I cannot eat "gluten free" grains. http://celiacdisease.about.com/od/PreventingCrossContamination/f/How-Much-Gluten-Can-Make-Me-Sick.htm http://celiacdisease.about.com/od/Gluten-Free-Grains/f/Is-Soy-Gluten-Free.htm
  10. I've been gluten free for a couple of months. At first I was feeling great, but I wasn't eating any grains. I just couldn't swallow them. Then I added BRM "gluten free" grains and felt like some of my symptoms returned. Quinoa for example tore me up for days, and I couldn't figure it out until I read about cross contamination. I'm trying to go off grains again, but I feel like I'm starving all the time. I recently made rice and curry, when I read that curry could help with inflammation. ...It was not pretty, and I thought that rice was the culprit. Then I read the curry label and saw it was proceessed in a plant that processes wheat. I'm going to try rice again and see how it goes.
  11. The crouton part really made me laugh, too. Sadly, I just had an accidental crouton ingestion; forgot that Cesar Salad comes with croutons. Duh! Just not used to thinking abou it yet. I had picked most of the croutons out, but this fraction of a croution was hidden between the greens. When I heard the crunch I knew. If I was not eating with someone, I probably would have spit it out. I've been glutten free for approximately two months. My IGA was normal, but MD suggested a gluten-free diet, and she was further convinced when I told her my eczema went away, and my KP smoothed out. Probably I'm not aware of how it affects me entirely. For example, I see people mentioning fatigue, and that's been a problem with my accidental ingestions. The intestinal symptoms are obvious; I start out feeling feeling squirrely within an hour after, like something is not right. Sometimes it's 30 min later or sometimes 3 hours later, but I have massive soft stools, followed by massive D that looks greasy and slimy. It takes 3-5 days to get back to normal. I also get burpy, about two hours later, like food might come up, and sometimes it does. Sometimes bloating and then gas. Sometimes gas and then bloating. Non stop bouts of gas that last an hour and appear periodically throughout the day usually lasts for at least three days...I could end our energy dependency if we could harness this output. After the gas and bloating is over, I have sore guts for a day, like I got kicked in the guts. I get irritable, but maybe that's just from the general pain.
  12. I know what you're talking about. My coworkers made brunch at work and told me to bring along my gluten free waffle mix. One of my coworkers lovingly referred to me as a glutarde, as if I wasn't already feeling outside the circle. Later that afternoon, I just wanted to have a chocolate chip cookie. I thought "screw this; it's all in your head," and had a cookie. Almost two hours later I started feeling gastric pain so subtle I had to ask myself if it was pain. Two hours more and it was pain with all my classic gastric symptoms but this time with nausea and the subsequent days of discomfort. The moral of the story is don't give up. I know you want to feel normal and just do normal guy stuff, like grab a quick breakfast sandwich from McD's instead of having to spend ten minutes reading a label and intuiting if that thing is safe to eat, or worse have a fried egg on rice cake If feeling sick brought you to this point, don't go back.
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