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  1. This is an old post, but I'm glad to read it. My friend made me dinner last night, and it included Trader Joe's lentils. Totally made me sick. I've noticed this with other benign items like beans. No glutin listed in the ingredients, but the cross contamination kills me. I don't have this problem...
  2. I've been gluten free for a couple of months. At first I was feeling great, but I wasn't eating any grains. I just couldn't swallow them. Then I added BRM "gluten free" grains and felt like some of my symptoms returned. Quinoa for example tore me up for days, and I couldn't figure it out until...
  3. The crouton part really made me laugh, too. Sadly, I just had an accidental crouton ingestion; forgot that Cesar Salad comes with croutons. Duh! Just not used to thinking abou it yet. I had picked most of the croutons out, but this fraction of a croution was hidden between the greens. When I heard...