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  1. Hi CL, Anti GAD antibodies presumably would be an autoimmune reaction to ingesting gluten in susceptible people. The treatment would be a gluten-free diet and for some like myself, IVIG treatment along with a gluten-free diet. In my mind, I'll be keeping track of this for the rest of my life,...
  2. Thank you for that CL, I'm guessing anti GAD antibodies aren't checked often in celiac and GS but they ought to be with the high prevalence of ataxia, joint and muscle stiffness reported. Frank
  3. Hi all, This is my first post! I have gluten sensitivity with serum and fecal evidence including, IgG, IgA and HLA DQ1 gene. Celiac panel was normal. I also have very high serum anti GAD antibodies (390 U/ml) along with crippling stiffness and spasms, (potentially stiff person syndrome) not to...