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  1. Yes, thank you. I already contacted the manufacturer and am waiting on a reply. I was just looking for other people's perspectives on the product.
  2. Thank you for answering! I had found the same link earlier, it's dated 2013 before they started producing the cake mixes, that's why I was wondering. Guess the only way to know 100 percent is to give it a try.
  3. My mom purchased a Pillsbury Gluten free yellow cake mix to bake me a cake. The front of the box says its gluten free, but it doesn't list anything about being certified or made in a dedicated facility...... I tried to go on their website, but couldn't find anything regarding measures taken...
  4. Hello, I had a question about yeast over growth in the body. I am a Celiac and have been gluten free for 3 years. These past few weeks I've noticed a lot of symptoms I have that seem to coincide with yeast or candida. I'm tired all the time, very itchy along with a host of other symptoms. My blood...
  5. Hello I have Celiac Disease and am currently experiencing an allergic reaction. I recently ingested vegetable Crisco while making frosting (Blue Can) and am wondering if it is cross contaminated? Does anyone know? Thank you in advance, Mitchie