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  1. Excellent, excellent advice! Making many notes. Ipellegr, I just might take you up on that
  2. Hello Again All, I want to thank everyone for replying and contributing insight into your food frustrations. I keep saying it's one thing to cook it, it's another thing to live it. I have decided to challenge myself, for 30 days, of going completely gluten-free. Like a secret shopper, so to speak...
  3. The samples are rolling in from some of the gluten-free vendors. I also reached out to America's Test Kitchen...more to come on that but all very exciting! Has anyone checked out this website...they have many "warnings" in relation to their content but any thoughts on it... www.glutenfreeguidehq...
  4. That's AWESOME! I'll have to check that out! I'm in the process of teaming up with my dietician buddy Dan. We're putting something together for testing...more to come.
  5. Education of staff is critical. I could not agree more on this front. There are simple things (low cost as well) that food service establishments can do to reduce the risk of cross contact. I know many establishments that have designated sauté pans, cutting boards, etc... The supplier/distributor ...
  6. If anyone is interested in a very tasty bagel option, there is a gluten-free bagel bakery here in Philly (major 8 free too) http://www.sweetnotebakery.com/ they ship as well Tasted their goodies and was very impressed!!!! Most of the companies that I have reached out to have agreed to send...
  7. This is great! Thank you all very much for sharing and keep it coming! Some common themes...Price, Trust, Knowledgeable Workforce plus we may have additional allergen concerns Food...breads and pastries I have in front of me the 26 page gluten free offerings provided by Whole Foods. I've reached...
  8. Hello All! I'm a professional chef looking to mend the disconnect felt by many of the celiac/gluten-free community when dealing with my industry. I am oozing with cooking tips, recipes, etc... but I want to hear from you. It's one thing to cook it, it's another thing to live with it... What are...
  9. Creamy risotto with apples, pears, walnuts and gorgonzola! I've been testing out Udi's pizza crusts for a flatbread option... I brush them with extra virgin olive oil and garlic and roast them in the oven. They make pretty decent dippers.