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  1. is your phone number priviate

    1. cyclinglady


      Personal information is never published.
  2. I so surprised that I have this not one symptom. They say its hereditary so I had my parents tested and they were fine. I would of never new if I didn't go to this doctor to have...
  3. The reason why they did a test is I had my 10 year colonoscopy and they did a biopsy. I ask doctor why they did that and he said he does t with every patient. Then after I have...
  4. No I live in Glendale, AZ. Some places out here have little on menu, but not much. All this time I thought I could eat fries in the restaurants and realize there contaminated...
  5. My question is what happens if you cheat once in awhile?. I was diagnosis 8 months ago and never had one side effect for this disease. I found out by a blood test. I'm really having...
  6. I live in AZ and having hard time finding restaurants gluten free menu. your help would be appreciated
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