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  1. Hi zs1994, I had the same symptoms as you before my diagnosis. I'd been having them more and more frequently in the weeks leading up to my diagnosis but looking back now I can see that I'd been developing them on and off for a few months. They got really bad, and I started to get headaches and...
  2. I haven't been on the forums much recently, but I was dx with celiac after positive blood and endoccopy results in June. Since then I've been gluten-free and have had really good results. All of my fatigue and neurological symptoms have gone away and I can eat most things again with bloating and...
  3. Just wanted to share my experience so far. AFAIK, and I've been militant about it, I've been gluten-free for almost 9.5 weeks. The first couple of weeks were tough, and it took a while to get my energy back. At its worst, I couldn't hardly even cook for myself but I'm feeling pretty much back...
  4. Hi guys, I've got a quick question. Has anyone ever experienced an enlarged supraclavicular lymph node? I developed a cold about two weeks ago and noticed an enlarged submandibular node. I'm mostly recovered, but still having a bit of snot and phlegm, especially in the morning. I assume the submandibular...
  5. Thanks gluten-free Lover, I have indeed made a lot of changes in the house, and spent quite a lot of time and money replacing a lot of cookware and food, cleaning cabinet surfaces, countertops, etc. The only reason I went out was because the restaurant was a dedicated gluten-free restaurant....
  6. I have been having a bit of 15 month-old cheddar and 24 hour yogurt most days, but maybe I will stop altogether for the next week and see if that makes any difference.
  7. Day 14! The weight loss has reversed itself and I am now gaining at almost the rate I had been losing. But it's not been a steady improvement. I wonder if I glutened myself recently by accident, or if I am just having a relapse, but after improving through day 12, the last two days have...
  8. So far, so good, I guess. I've been gluten-free since the day before my endoscopy (when I didn't get to eat anything)—seven days now. Since then, some of my symptoms seem to be improving, but one week is probably not long enough to establish a trend. Strangely enough, its the neurological symptoms t...