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  1. Just came back to update. Had the biopsy done yesterday. All the pictures appeared to be normal, but just have to wait for biopsy results. I'm glad I didn't have to do it for much longer, 6 weeks and I feel dreadful! My Hashimoto's antibodies were well over range, so that is probably not helping...
  2. Bit of an update. I have been and had the gene test done and I do carry one of the genes. So I need to eat gluten again for 6 weeks to get the biopsy done. Not sure what the outcome will be. I also found out I have Hashimotos as well, so gluten is not a friend of that either.
  3. Thanks for the info. It could be a gluten sensitivity if it's not celiac disease. I also have an underactive thyroid, so, many symptoms carry over. I am on medication for that, and the levels always come back normal, even when I think they are off because I feel awful. I don't know of any family...
  4. I have been vegetarian for 18mths now and feel better for it.
  5. Hello! I am a newbie here, and currently trialling a gluten free diet. I have had terrible joint pains this year, which started in January and have travelled around my body for no apparent reason. I had a very stressful few months in my personal life in Oct/Nov last year and thought that may have...