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  1. I have been looking at posts in a lot of categories and it seems that mixes like cookies and brownies are not tasting good or are making people feel bad after eating the cookies or brownies. What do you think the some of the problems are? I realize that cross contamination can happen from using mixing...
  2. This is a great Video! do I need permission to share that video on my Facebook page? I think it would be a great way to show how important this is.
  3. In doing my research, I had noticed that the food pantry in our town did not have any gluten free products in it. I am working with them to include them. Some pantries have a voucher system as well where they will provide a cash voucher for grocery stores so they can get gluten free items. I also...
  4. Hello, I am Larry Gessner. I thought I would just say hello and let you know that I feel for all of you that have been diagnosed as celiac, and those of you who have other aliments that fall in line with having to have special diets. Just a little background on me. I live in ND and work for as a...
  5. Hi There, I don't know if there is a place for videos in the forum. I just watched "The Truth About Gluten" I think it is a good video. I would like to share it somewhere but don't know where it should go. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Here is the link if you have never watched it.

    Thank You,


    1. cyclinglady


      I appreciate your enthusiasm but it is best to publish links to only credible sources.  This doctor is not a celiac disease researcher, he is a NP/Chiropracter building up his business.  If you want to watch credible sources look to Dr.  a. Fasano or Dr. Joseph Murray who have peer-published research/reports and are recognized world-wide in the celiac community.  Watch for quackery.  Stick to videos that are issued by a university (e.g. UC TV in California).  

    2. cyclinglady


      Watch this and learn about celiac disease from an well respected expert:


  6. One of the problems faced with any gluten free facility or any facility that is allergen free, is that employees that work there may not be aware that they are contaminating the products. this came to light during a conversation with an inspector who had relayed an incident where an allergen free...
  7. In researching this to learn more I have come across many, many complaints from the public with restaurants and coffee shops that cant seem to get it that cross contamination is a real problem. We live in a small town and I am sure that every other small town is dealing with trying to provide a gluten...
  8. What Kind of activities do organizations dealing with celiac disease have going on during the month to raise awareness?