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  1. Hello all, I come to you seeking advice as you all know more about celiac disease then the 3 doctors I have seen for it. I was diagnosed with celiac disease by blood test back in September and was told to begin a strict gluten free diet for life. I was told I woud not need to follow up with an endoscopy...
  2. Thank you all so much for the encouraging words and advice, it has been the most help so far! @cyclinglady I have heard of others that have had thryoid issues improved with the gluten-free diet so that definitely makes sense! I think a lot of things will get better once the gluten is gone. And wow...
  3. Thank you for your response, it really helps to hear from others and I will check out the coping forum that you mentioned. I do have Graves Disease and have been on anti-thyroid medication for 2 years, I just recently started seeing an Endocrinologist (had been seeing normal MD prior) and they said...
  4. Hello everyone sorry if this is repetitive but I am a 26 year old female with hyperthyroidism, hypoestrogenism, severely underweight 88lbs (lost 35 lbs) just recently last week, found out that I have celiac disease. Panel is as follows: IgA - 144 Gliadin AB IGG - >160 Gliadin...