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  1. kimkelb89

    Help with Not Feeling Crazy

    I'd like to say think you for this post and the responses. I have suffered from 2 decades of depression. Doctors have thrown every med known to man at me and therapy for 10 years. None of it worked. I already know gluten and my body hate each other. The longer I stay away from it, the harder I am hit when I eat it again. I know now that it causes inflammation that aggravates prior injuries or just certain muscles that are tight to begin with. I know it causes GI problems and brain fog. I have no doubt after experimenting these past few weeks. I feel like my own guinia pig. Since depression for me is treatment resistant, I suspect something else and honestly, I hope after I stop gluten that will improve and maybe go away. I have had to deal with abuse and PTSD along with other life stressors so it isn't the only cause but I highly suspect that it is aggravating the problem. I'm glad to read about someone who had depression improve after going gluten-free. Can I ask how long it took after going gluten-free for you to improve in that regard? The longest I went was 2 months and it didn't improve depression but other things did improve. I suspect it wasn't long enough because of years of damage as well as mitigating circumstances compounding on my poor mood. I just need some hope here. Because doctors have failed me left and right. I can't tell you how many times doctors have screwed up other things for me. Prescribing me meds at the same time that interact and almost causing seizures that could kill me. I knew something was wrong, called a trusted doc and he said to stop taking that med because I might seize and die. And I spent over 2 years trying to find a diagnosis for a spinal condition that everyone brushed off. Surgery fixed it and I can walk again for more than 5 minutes. I can walk for over an hour at a time again and it's been less than a year since that surgery. I didn't give up and accept what they said. I wouldn't be walking if I had. Sorry I rambled. Just wanted to say thank you for giving me hope. I see a new doc in 2 weeks and am asking for a full blood panel to see what is going on with my body. I know there is something off about my thyroid. The last blood test set I got said so. I have kept eating gluten to try to get the celiac test but it's just not friggen worth it to suffer for several more weeks. It may not be accurate either because I've been gluten-free for too long. And even if it isn't celiac, I know gluten is an issue. I just want to know if it is the only issue or if the damage done has to be reversed with other help to fully get better. I think I'm gonna go gluten free and do an elimination diet for 3 months and see what happens and have my doc run a full blood panel anyway in 2 weeks to see what is going on inside. I read "Whole 30" which is an elimination diet and eliminates most possible triggers for food allergies. I want to implement that immediately and it's also gluten free. Might help someone else in my position. Thanks again.
  2. kimkelb89

    Help! I can't lose weight!

    I agree wholeheartedly with you, cyclinglady. I edited my post because I realized my frustration with the topic, in general, was coming off as me being rude and that was not my intention. Weight has always been a sore spot for me, like a lot of women. I lost 90 pounds. Even after such a big loss, people act like it's never enough. I went to a doctor for a steroid shot. He needed to know my weight for the dosage and instead of just asking or weighing me, he said, "Not to be ugly, but how much do you weigh?" A friggen doctor said this and there was a friggen scale outside that room. I'm ecstatic that I lost 90 pounds. I feel so much better. But I HATE the emphasis on the number as if to say it's still not enough. I'm still losing and when my body doesn't want to lose anymore, it will stop at whatever number it wants. As long as I eat healthily, exercise, stay away from crappy processed food and listen to hunger over my head, I'll get there. I think that applies to everyone.
  3. kimkelb89

    Help! I can't lose weight!

    102, 105, 137... the number doesn't matter. No one should want to purposely get to the lowest possible. The keyword is PURPOSEFULLY. If your body isn't meant to be there, you are torturing yourself for nothing. There is nothing wrong with being 137 and 5'2". And if you are 105 at 5'2" because that's where your body wants to be, there's nothing wrong with that either. Why is our culture so obsessed with the scale? This topic frustrates me because I spent my whole life unhappy with the number on the scale. After I lost 90 pounds, I went to a doctor for an unrelated problem. He needed to give me a steroid injection and needed to know my weight. Instead of just asking my weight or weighing me, he said: "Not to be ugly, but how much do you weigh?" It wasn't ugly until he said that. I lost 90 pounds. That's cause for celebration, not insult because I'm not "thin enough" yet. I'm happy I lost it. I feel a million times better. But I don't need to weight just over 100 pounds to be happy. I'd be miserable at that weight just like I was miserable at my highest. The number doesn't matter. Take care of yourself. Eat healthy. Stay away from gluten and processed crap. Exercise. That's all that matters. The number will land wherever it was meant to land if you do those things.
  4. kimkelb89

    Help! I can't lose weight!

    I don't trust BMI charts. I'm 5'2" also and it says I should be as low as 102. I would look like skin and bone if I weighed that little. You said you are more muscular. Muscular people will always seem heavy on the BMI charts. Your BMI is .1 into overweight. For a muscular person, that means you are a normal weight. Ditch the chart and the scale. If you eat well and you take care of yourself regarding being gluten-free, the number on the scale isn't an issue. I agree with the other poster that said that the only thing it seems you may want to change is using fake sugar. Not because of your weight but because it's just bad for you. Other than that, you are doing fine.
  5. Hello, I'm hoping some of you can provide me with some insight here. I don't always react to gluten but I do enough of the time to give me pause. Several years ago I had migraine headaches almost daily. I went on a diet for weight loss but it turned out that the migraines went away within 3 days. I looked at the ingredients of the diet products and the only thing I could figure was that all the products were gluten-free/almost gluten-free. After being on the diet for a week and a half, I ate one slice of white bread. Half an hour later, I felt like someone took a sledgehammer to my head. I went gluten free for 2 months. Tried to reintroduce it and it didn't work. Tried again after 2 months and for some reason, I didn't have a reaction again. And the migraines never returned. Fast forward to now and I've been eating gluten since then. I had gastro issues on and off for years (gas, diarrhea, stomach pain, nausea) but they got much worse this past year. So I looked up the symptoms of gluten intolerance and celiac and I have all of them. The only one that didn't fit for celiac was that I've always been heavy, although I've read some people can still be heavy and have celiac. Other symptoms I've had include stomach pain, fogginess, vomiting, constipation. I also have severe depression which I read can be linked to gluten either because of celiac or even IBS. I read that in studies they found that people with depression and IBS get better not eating gluten anymore, even if they don't have celiac. I went gluten free again for about 2 weeks. Two days ago, I ate a few mini donuts and couldn't eat all day after that. The pain in my stomach was horrible, just under my breasts. Yesterday, after eating half a frozen dinner that was a breaded product, I threw up twice and crawled into bed for several hours. My head was foggy and I felt like I was drugged. My limbs felt heavy. I had knee pain really bad. No injury there but the ligaments are tight and sore sometimes. Just never that bad before. At lunch today, I ate three bites of a turkey sandwich. I almost threw up. I stopped eating it. For dinner, I ate cheesy bread from dominos. The only reaction was my knee started to hurt again but not nearly as bad as yesterday. I see my doc for bloodwork in a few weeks and want to ask for the celiac test. I ate gluten products 4 times over the last 2 week, once being today. Yesterday was the worst reaction. I was trying to narrow it down and everything that has caused a bad reaction has gluten. I've been eating dairy, eggs, and nuts but subtracted just gluten and had no problems. When I reintroduce bread products and stuff with gluten, I feel awful. But it doesn't happen every time. It seems that when I reintroduce gluten it gets bad for a day or so. Then the symptoms ease up and I feel "normal." But I know that continuing to eat stuff with gluten in it will bring back the problems in the long term. Am I right in thinking that my body is literally trying to readjust from my abstinence from it and that's why I didn't react with dinner? Could it be something else that I'm eating that's the problem but am eliminating it and not realizing it when I go gluten free? I know you guys aren't doctors. But tbh, I don't always trust doctors. Doctors have screwed me over in the past. I had a back condition that took over 2 years to treat due to several misdiagnoses and one doc almost killed me with a medicine interaction that she had every reason to catch. So I want to go into the doc appointment with as much info as possible. Thanks for taking the time to read all this. Sorry it's so longwinded but I don't really know anyone who can help.