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  1. I'd like to say think you for this post and the responses. I have suffered from 2 decades of depression. Doctors have thrown every med known to man at me and therapy for 10 years. None of it worked. I already know gluten and my body hate each other. The longer I stay away from it, the harder...
  2. I agree wholeheartedly with you, cyclinglady. I edited my post because I realized my frustration with the topic, in general, was coming off as me being rude and that was not my intention. Weight has always been a sore spot for me, like a lot of women. I lost 90 pounds. Even after such a big...
  3. 102, 105, 137... the number doesn't matter. No one should want to purposely get to the lowest possible. The keyword is PURPOSEFULLY. If your body isn't meant to be there, you are torturing yourself for nothing. There is nothing wrong with being 137 and 5'2". And if you are 105 at 5'2" because that...
  4. I don't trust BMI charts. I'm 5'2" also and it says I should be as low as 102. I would look like skin and bone if I weighed that little. You said you are more muscular. Muscular people will always seem heavy on the BMI charts. Your BMI is .1 into overweight. For a muscular person, that means you...
  5. Hello, I'm hoping some of you can provide me with some insight here. I don't always react to gluten but I do enough of the time to give me pause. Several years ago I had migraine headaches almost daily. I went on a diet for weight loss but it turned out that the migraines went away within...