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  1. Thanks, I'll check that out. My problem isn't overeatting or giving into cravings... even when I stick to diets 100%, nothing happens.
  2. I actually do like dark chocolate! There is some available to me on Isagenix, so I have been eating that infused with green tea. I agree about the artificial sweetener. Since my main focus has been losing weight, I had been using that to cure the cravings for sweet. Is the GI diet anything...
  3. Thanks! Sugar is my weakness, for sure. I prefer sweet to salty. I replaced most real sugar with fake sugar a long time ago (terrible, I know) I drink diet soda (not excessively, like 1 can a few times per week), will have a few Hershey Kisses here and there, sugar free sucking candies, etc...
  4. I have been there twice since being diagnosed with Celiacs, and they were absolutely wonderful. In most restaurants that "cater to gluten-free", you get a few sad looking options. At Disney, they send the chef out to speak with you about the allergies and go out of their way to make sure that you...
  5. Hi all. I have had Celiacs for almost 6 years now (shortly after having baby#2), and have been 100% Gluten free (save for the occasional accidental glutening) since being diagnosed. I have not had an endoscopy since diagnosis, but my most recent bloodwork was good. My bloodwork last year showed...