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  1. I am having a terrible time sleeping. I saw in some pots that there is some Oct meds you can take that works great. Does anyone know what is. Also my doctor told me since I'm taking folic acid and B12 shots those can keep you awake. I take them as prescribed because damaged to my small intestine...
  2. I have been reading all posts about their diagnosis. I was diagnosed about a year and half ago. This freed me somewhat. Now I know what's wrong and I can deal with. If you don't know you're fighting blindly. My problem now is trying to get the foods to taste as close as possible to regular...
  3. I have thrown away so much food in the last few weeks. It doesn't taste right. I just made some cornbread from a mix. ugh! It didn't taste like the cornbread I'm used to. But tomorrow I'm going to try a recipe I found online. I'm from Texas originally and I want cornbread that's not sweet and...