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  1. Well...I'm no dermatologist - I didnt need to read your story - one look at the pics and its the same as the rest of us. Take Squirmingitch's advice and find another doc. Let's talk about the being heavy and DH. About age 5, I started really growing and by hs graduation - I was a healthy 250 pounds (5'6"). I ran, I played sports and as I grew - was the oldest but the smallest of my siblings. I had 4 babies and gained and kept more weight with each one. By 2006 I was sitting just under 370 pounds. In 2007 I had RNY gastric bypass - not knowing I had DH or was genetically predisposed
  2. As of this writing I am so over a "formal" diagnosis..Feb 2, 2106 I started with a rash across my middle back extending into both shoulders (bilateral) and very VERY itchy. At first 'notice' (2/2016) there were upwards of over 40 leisons hoovering over the entirety of my thoracic spine. Itch so intense - took my breath away - nothing would stop it - except quickly induced sleep. Upon waking - the damage had already been done. I would use kitchen utensils, hair brushes, wire brushes, pumice stone - anything. The itch is not like any other - only described as little critter inside scratc
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