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  1. Thanks for the kind thoughts. The test results I got back a few comments ago and I said what they were which was negative on everything. I just don't think it's celiac but something that created this domino affect. I plan on going to my regular doctor because honestly I feel the GI one was useless. When I told her back in Feb that I wasn't sure I'd be able to have the colostomy and endo she said "well then we won't be able to help you". 😕 The peanut butter I bought was organic . I had looked at the Aldi brand which I never had any issues with and it had soy so that's why I looked for a brand that didn't have any soy. I haven't had chocolate since February either due to the soy. I hadn't eaten anything but fresh fruit, vegetables, Chicken or fish since mid Feb. I did have some dried fruit which I seemed ok with but now the last two days I've gotten gas from that :(. I did have prunes awhile back and they also gave me gas which never happened before. I rarely eat prunes as it as always done the opposite of what it commonly is used for .
  2. I figured I'd give an update. Shortly after my last post I had a bad sinus infection but was only given prednisone which only made the congestion in my nose go away and some sinus pressure. I continued to feel worse with it pretty much developing into Bronchitis. I called the dr about it and they phone in a z-pac. I thought "well if I have SIBO" which I still wasn't sure of...." this will alleviate the off and on symptoms I had of mushy stools and icky feeling stomach. I would get that feeling whenever I had dairy for the last 9 yrs or so. Sure enough after I was done I felt like my old self. I did take probiotics while I was on the zpac which I hadn't taken for months since it only made things worse. Everything finally returned to what it was before all this started. I felt so much better and "normal". I tried some aged cheese, brown rice and refried beans over the course of a couple weeks and was able to have those with absolutely no issues. For the next 1.5 months or so I felt great and better than before. I continued to take the probiotics twice a day as I did before and one day had a little stomach issue with some cramping. I then had some trail mix which had soy in it but I didn't really give it much thought and the next day my stomach was hurting pretty bad and worse than before it seemed. This lasted off and on for a week. Now the mushiness has returned and seems to be constant for the last week along with cramping. I'm guessing that the zpac killed off whatever it was I had...SIBO or Candida and now I've relapsed? Not sure but I'm going to call the doctor tomorrow to see if I can get some relief. I've also had some gas return as well. I stopped taking the pribiotics thinking maybe that's making things bad again too since I wasn't on them before after I stopped gluten and soy and I didnt have this as much as I have now. I do take Gentian with Pepsin when I have protein and that seems to help as I don't have the gas I had way back. It's so disheartening because I thought I figured out what was going on
  3. I had a reply all typed out and then the site was down for upgrades. Thanks for you reply and sorry to hear about your issues and the diagnosis taking so long. I haven't had that pain I mentioned in the first post now for 2 months or so thankfully but I believe it was my small intestine but I had thought the gallbladder but didn't seem to match up with what I read and what I was told by a few people that had gallbladder issues. I had done a good deal of research on this problem I've had which led me to this site where I did more research yet I could not ever find anything that totally matched up with my issues. I guess now I see it's basically different in some ways for each person. I had some bell pepper in my salad tonite for dinner to see if it was the culprit for the gas as of the last few nights and it seems it is. Now just a little over an hour later and the gas has started...not bad like before but it's there. I didn't have any last night and no issues. Now I'll give my digestive system a rest and try out the peanut butter in a few days. I think it's both that are bothering my system. I've not had any corn since February but did have some gluten free pasta which had rice flour and it bothered me
  4. I will start a food diary again. I was doing it before the GI visit as instructed and then she never even asked about it. I actually didn't find going to her of any use so I wont be going again. They didn't even return my phone calls so I could make my first appt :(. Good to know that you have similar issues with something being ok in certain forms but then not in different form. Thanks for the links as well....I will take a look.
  5. thanks for the reply. I was wondering about SIBO or Candida as well but I didn't seem to have all the symptoms. I have been off the PPI since about August or Sept and started taking the B-12 and D again just within the last month or so. I really haven't had constipation thankfully. I also did not have the D yet it was not normal. I'd say loose like sticky... sorry for this info :(....but the last couple weeks everything was back to maybe October when things were more normal. Today though it was back to the loose sticky stuff which I guess correlates to the flare up symptoms. I'll look into the other things you suggested which I appreciate. I'm glad to know about the food intolerances coming and going. I guess because things have been going so well that maybe I had turned the big corner and on my way to being normal fast but I see it's going to take a lot longer. I noticed that the tiredness had came back we well the last week. I found myself needing to take naps midday on the weekends when I was home and feeling so tired most days. I felt like I got only a few hours of sleep when I was getting 7-8. I also was under a severe amount of stress late summer into winter with horrible horrible new tenants in the apartment below me which I think gave all this a stiff kick into high gear....just compounding what was already there . As far as getting another panel done I don't think I can tolerate any gluten in order to do that. I had bought a small bag of Pumpkin seeds as I read that was a good snack to have a couple weeks ago when I went on a weekend trip with a friend. I read the package to make sure it didn't have any soy or wheat in it. Well shortly after I had some in the car on the trip I started getting stomach pains so I checked the bag again and read processed on same equipment as foods with soy, wheat and milk products. My stomach was not good for the weekend :(. Today was a better day and no bad gas thankfully. I guess it was "normal". As soon as I would feel a rumbling I'd look to see if I made it past the 1-2 hr mark after eating. I have to keep telling myself having gas is normal it's just that having it so bad for so long I just think the first hint or any gas is going to bring about Armageddon I have not had peanut butter or peppers today either as I'm trying to figure out which is causing the return of some of the symptoms.
  6. At the time I visited the GI doctor I'd only been off Gluten for 2 weeks and did tell her that. She said it wasn't long enough for an inaccurate test result and suggested as well that I eat a bit of gluten before the test which I did.
  7. Well I figured I'd reply to my own topic. Strange no one had any insight on it but shortly after I posted this things calmed down. My tests came back no it showed nothing wrong. I believe I have leaky gut from low stomach acid from taking the Excedrin for so long. I'm doing 85-90% better since I posted this. I haven't had that terrible pain under my ribs for awhile now and have felt pretty normal. The last couple weeks however I've had some intestinal flare ups again but nothing bad and not sure if it's because I started eating peanut butter again or not. I bought two diff brands in the last month+ that do not contain any soybean oil as the Aldi brand had which I thought was irritating me. My stomach and intestines rumble shortly after eating or drinking anything which is what it did before I stopped the gluten/soy. I still think I have low stomach acid going on as the last week or so after eating chicken I feel bloated within an hour and gas starts up but nothing as bad as it used to be. I ordered some Betaine HCL and waiting for that to arrive to see if that helps. I also had a little bit of non dairy creamer (which yes I know has caseine) a few times the last couple days to see if I was able to handle it and was fine but maybe this recent flare up is caused by that and the peanut butter. I used to have gas from red/yellow bell pepper but have been able to have some here and there with no issues so I added some to my salads the last few times. That could be the problem too...maybe it's all those things together creating the flare up? Very unsure but I haven't had any peanut butter in the last couple days. If anyone has any thoughts please comment and thanks
  8. I found this board through various searches for the last few weeks as I was trying to figure out what was going on with my digestion. I've been lactose intolerant for the last 12 yrs or so and occasionally had heartburn. I went on and off Prilosec since 2006 when I had a bad attack of GERD. Everything was fine up until around June 2017 when I was getting bad gas and I determined it was chicken ... narrowing it down by taking it out of my diet then reintroducing it various times. I totally cut out eating that and stuck to fish. I'd been dealing with a constant stuffed up nose the past year or so and headaches daily the last 6 yrs and was taking 1-4 Excedrin a day for the last 5 yrs or so. I realized this was not good and started to cut back to one pill then half a pill but at times that wasn't enough to kill the pain. Not one single morning went by when I didn't have a headache nor a stuffed up nose. I would use nasal sprays off and on as well so I could at least breathe. I also felt tired a lot but I can recall most of my life feeling tired mid afternoon but by 6pm I was ready to take a nap most nights. On weekends when not working I'd take a nap once during the afternoon or early evening. I woke up almost every morning never feeling rested as well ...groggy for the first 10 minutes and just not wanting to get up. I made an appt to see my doctor last May to see if something was going on as far as the tiredness and just feeling off. She did a blood test and everything was fine except Vitamin D which was low when I had my physical for work. I started taking Vitamin D again and had been taking b-12 which I was also low on in the past. I also had numbness in my hands one day at work in the middle of the day for no reason as well as one foot as if I'd had no circulation...the typical "laying on hands" during the night feeling. I only had that a couple times and never thought of it again. So about late summer or so I started having a dull pain right underneath my ribcage in the middle (top of stomach). It came and went for days or weeks. I also started hiccuping alot but no heartburn at all. Symptoms then got bad to where I had a stomach or abdomen ache for the lack of a better term off and on and it felt like I had rotting carcasses in my intestines. Its the feeling I get when I've had lactose which usually results in loose bowels but just the normal one time a day as I always have. Most of December and Jan I dealt with what I call "Death gas" something died inside of me and thankfully no one was much around me. I could always eat some dairy in the past with only loose bowels as the result but now it was the death gas. I had the pain in my abdomen every day and the gas just got more frequent and like clockwork it was usually 5 hours after I'd eaten anything. Sweet potatoes bothered me, white potatoes....the list just went on. The fish that I could eat so easily before with no gas was now giving me the death gas. I'd omitted almost everything I was taking in thinking it was the culprit....vitamins, margarine, anything and everything that was "newish" to my diet but nothing helped. I thought maybe I had leaky gut and started taking probiotics but 4x the amount as I read the amount on the bottles were for people that didn't have issues. But it wasn't helping and I just felt worse. I made an appt to see the doctor and she couldn't figure it out and referred me to a GI doctor. When I came home I was so disappointed and scared because I just wanted relief. I decided to do more research as I waited for the GI to call me back. I stumbled upon Gluten Intolerance which I'd read about before but I came onto a different site which listed the "tingling hands" symptom and I remembered Id had that before. So I stopped eating gluten and the next day I felt so much better. The pain under my ribs had alleviated and by day 4 I felt like my old self....something I hadn't felt in months. Someone at work recommended I start taking the probiotics again so I did but was leery as they gave me such trouble before. I took the recommended amount though this time and by evening the stomach ache returned. Next day I woke up with the pain and had it all day. Day 3 same and I decided to read the ingredients in the probiotics and it said "contains wheat" UGHHHH. And I know why the fish started bothering me as well...I had just started to put flour on it to make it crispy when frying :(. I threw out the probiotics and it seemed to take a couple days till the stomach ache went away and gas. Well I finally got an appt with GI doctor but by that time a 1.5 weeks later I was feeling pretty good having been off Gluten for about 2 weeks. I still had some tenderness in the middle below my ribs but not the radiating icky feeling I had under there in the past. She scheduled me for a blood test which I have to get tomorrow and and endoscopy/colonostomy which I had to postpone due to insurance issues I'm working on and getting off work for the procedure. All has been pretty good since now as it's been 3 weeks I was off Gluten but I did have a breaded crab cake sandwich a few days ago so it'll show up in the blood test as she recommended. I didnt really have any stomach problems after wards . I still have some cramping and gas but man NOTHING like before. I was tooting ALL DAY long and it was the death kind. Now it's just a few times a day which was normal. However Ive started burping alot at times which I didnt . I also bought some Gluten Free Pretzels at Aldi's which seemed to not agree with me. I also had Ronzoni Gluten Free Pasta and I felt bloated within an hour of eating it and then had gas hours after. I tried brown rice pasta and got bloated and gassy from that. I'd read the Gluten Free things can at times give people issues but I dont know what ingredient in it that is the problem. I also dont know if the stomach issues I have now are from the pretzels or the sandwich I had 4 days ago. I don't seem to have the problems those with Celiac have that I've read and I'm starting to think it's not that (which I'll be tested for) and that this a gluten problem with other things mixed in that bother me such as corn? I never had an issue with corn except some gas I think? I just dont recall any major issues....if it's a gluten allergry I believe it is from taking the NSAID's all this time. This is what I just don't it leaky gut? I never have to run to the bathroom ...nothing runs through me at all. Sorry for the long post but I figured I should tell everything so maybe someone can shed some light. I forgot to say that I was able to eat chicken again last week with no death gas but I dont want to have too much for fear of not allowing my intestines to heal. Ive been eating fish, fruits and veggies for the last 3 weeks except for the pretzels and pasta. Oh and the headaches have gone away except for day after I tried the pretzels again and my nose was slightly stuffed in the morning. But other then today I've not had a headache for 3 weeks and no stuffed up nose. I just wondered how long till the stomach aches, gas and icky feeling go away. I was feeling pretty good and normal till last night