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  1. I had a blood test a couple months ago that said my antibodies were 18 or 20 I cant remember exactly. Which I thought was good because last May I was 128. Could this be why? The only reason I put it down to coeliac is because it feels exactly the same as when I first got diagnosed but just a bit eased down. Before I never got dizzy.
  2. Hi everyone, I was diagnosed around May 2018 and I immediately quite gluten. Ever since being diagnosed I have had constant dizzy spells. Sometimes it can be quite bad and sometimes its not as bad but I always notice it everyday. I am very careful with what I eat everyday but it feels like my body is still getting used to it or its like I'm still eating gluten. Its making my anxiety quite bad and after nearly a year of being constantly dizzy I want to get rid!! Does anyone have any suggestions? I have been to the doctors for blood tests for iron, calcium ect. and everything came back normal. Thank you!
  3. Hey For the past 2 weeks i have been feeling very very dizzy, shaking, belly cramps, nausea the lot. So bad that i’ve called the hospital the other night because i couldn’t walk. I was told 2 weeks ago that there’s a definite chance i’m coeliac but i am currently waiting on a letter for an appointment for the biopsy. Due to my symptoms the consultant at the hospital told me to stop eating gluten for a bit as the biopsy could take a while. I have been gluten free for only 1 day and obviously still have dizziness and cramps, does anyone know if these will disappear within a couple days? i have had 2 weeks off work and i can’t really take anymore time off so i’m praying these symptoms will disappear soon!! Please could someone help??
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