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  1. Crystal Nash

    DH flare ups

    Hi all, I was diagnosed with DH 10 months ago after living on predinzone and a zillion RX derm prescribed creams for years. I had some biopsies on my face, yes my face, to get the golden seal diagnosis. It has been getting worse every year, at one point the rheumatologist thought I had systemic lupus. My face, neck, shoulders were covered in clear fluid filled blisters. They itch and burn, wearing anything with a tag or band sent me into a freak out. And I honestly look like a meth addict. My sister called me Methyl Ethyl. I wouldn't go out, I would get dressed to take my kids to school and go home and put on a robe. After switching , or trying to a gluten-free diet, my symptoms cleared up quickly (dapsone cream helped a bit). But I am getting flare ups that I just can't figure out. Does anyone know the time frame in which ingesting something contaminated causes the reaction? I'm sitting here typing as my face is on fire and it's all I can do to not try my skin right off. Not even exaggerating a bit. I might very well do it. Do we become more sensitive as our bodies clear gluten? I am seriously losing my you know what here. help please!!!!