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  1. similar issue with stomach ache. I usually do not eat out much and can have a little sensitivity towards greasy food. But an hour after eating Lays Kettle Cooked Jalapeno chips about 1/2 bag of the 8oz., I had the worst stomach ache I have ever had in my life. Extremely painful. I never get stomach aches. When food doesn't agree, maybe diarrhea, but not stomach ache. I am not lactose in tolerate or sensitive to gluten. After the stomach ache started I didn't need to urgently poop. throwing up seemed like a possibly but never came out naturally and I wasn't about to force it. There is something in those chips that disrupted my stomach and many other people after doing research. Possibly inflammation in one of our organs due to one of the ingredients. It has been 39 hours and my stomach still has a little pain. I have already reached out to Lays today , probably will not get far with them, but maybe gain more knowledge