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  1. The problem with staying on gluten, is the side effects. When I eat gluten, it's like eating a handfull of sedatives. And for a couple days after, I'm pretty much useless. I have no energy to do anything. There are other things too, diarrhea, gas, feeling like I'm going to throw up, and/or throwing...
  2. I have been sickly most of my life. My biological father(he's dead now) had many allergies, and sicknesses. I have not been diagnosed with Celiac's disease yet, hard to get to see an actual doctor in person right now. I have been consulting with a doctor though, he says if I don't have Celiac...
  3. I have a question, might sound strange but here goes. Is it possible that not know about being allergic to gluten, most of my life, that it could have helped create my diverticulitis? Or is there any correlation between the two at all? Trying to convince other siblings to get tested...