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Carob... The Chocolate Alternative



So some people on this forum suggested I try carob, since I cannot eat chocolate. So today when I went to the Whole Foods store near my apartment for my normal grocery shop, I discovered carob ricemilk. I thought that would be a good way to ease myself into chocolate. And if I did react to it, hopefully it would not be so bad because the ricemilk would dilute it. Guess what. NO REACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That makes me so happy. Of course maybe it was a horrible idea to try it, because instead of craving chocolate, and resisting the temptation, I'll be obsessed with carob. Who knows. But at least I know I can resist the candy at work now, so hopefully having the carob won't affect me wanting that. That would be bad. Oh well. But at least I found an alternative. I wonder if anyone would notice if I used carob in my cooking instead of chocolate? Hmmm.... It would be interesting to try.



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i discovered a couple nights ago that a) you had started posting blogs, and B) I can subscribe to them!!
so here I am, probably the first commenter on any of your blogs here :).
I want to start blogging here, too- just need to overcome some writers block/ lack of desire & type up a proper intro here :).
i also can't have chocolate, as it aggravates my bladder. I haven't really been able to find carob though, either that or it has soy in it (I *try* to avoid that as well)...
I'm sooo jealous that you have a Whole Foods there! we are supposed to get one here... someday... (you talking 'bout your baking, & Whole Foods... what're you trying to do, make me want to move back to SLC?? (the subject of moving back is a whole 'nother thing :), which I'll tell ya 'bout some other time) Off to see if i have anything to say on your other new blog!

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I found a link.

This is the pure powder. I was lookin at some carob chips on the same site, but they have soy lecthin or however you spell the infernal word. I will keep lookin fer some without so, but at least this is the pure powder, Nothin added.

Yup gotta WF not even a mile away from my house. Course it helps I live in Downtown SLC. And no I aint tryin to convince ye to move here. Thats the last thin Id try to do. I am not a fan of SLC. I am a homely country girl at heart. (But I did convince my hubby to move to ID once he graduates... We have friends and family in IF that can get him a job there so it is awesome.)

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I'll have to take a look at that website!!

and I was just joking about you trying to get me to move back there...i totally get not wanting to live in a city, I too, would love to live in a small town :)

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Looks like their carob isn't certified gluten free according to their search bar. Searching under the listing of "Gluten Free" does not show a safe carob. I didn't know if you noticed that if you are gluten intolerant. Doesn't look safe.

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