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Dizzying Disclaimers!

Bobbiejo Wiles


There's a lot of talk about how gluten molecules cannot enter into the skin. But I definitely have a reaction to gluten-containing products. I have done my best this past year to avoid those things and have been good. But today has been a frustrating day. Why is it that some foods claim to be gluten-free but yet, I suddenly fall asleep and wake up dizzy? Then I go back to check the food packages only to find that little disclaimer that says "this product was processed in a wheat facility". Food manufacturers should not use a gluten-free label if they aren't completely gluten-free.

This is sooo frustrating. It makes me wonder if I will ever gain the weight that I would like to gain...if I will ever be fully healthy. Mostly I am optimistic. But today, I hate this disease!!!

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