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Need Some Feedback Please

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I was diagnosed with Celiac a few years ago and I am 15 years old now. I have noticed that since I started a gluten free diet my breasts haven’t grown at all. I haven’t grown much at all since than now that I think about it. My mother and aunts all developed around my age or younger. I know that genetics play a part in development but they all developed earlier. I know I should just be happy with my body but I feel kinda left out since all my friends are more developed and I have a very flat chest. I was wondering if anyone knew if having celiac had anything to do with my breast development and if I can do anything about it? 

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I haven’t had my antibodies checked in a while so I should get them checked soon. We just moved to a new state so we have to find a doctor. Thank you very much! 

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Wow!  A new state.  I will offer you some non-celiac advice.  Join a group.  Join Girl Scouts, the band, colorguard, ROTC, theatre, a sport, or anything that will help you find new friends.  My daughter who is 17 is active in water polo and Band.  Like you, she had to make new friends.  She and her new friends formed a “Lunch Bunch” group as Freshman.    They vowed to always include other newbies so that no one would feel left out at break or during lunch.  They have even extended it to include guys and they go to Homecoming and even Prom together.  

Take care!  


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