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It Is Not A Disease!



All,Seems an odd thing for a person who works as a writer and video director to be finding a home/blog spot on a website dedicated to a disease. Celiac "disease" however is a syndrome with multitude of symptoms, is widely mis-diagnosed and largely untreatable. Other than avoidance of gluten, the white-coated inDoctrinates of the pharmedical system can offer nothing beyond the masking of symptoms with expensive, dangerous drugs. They have no interest in us once we are diagnosed as the lack of medications means they haven't another cash cow from which to earn a new set of golf clubs.I did say radical, no?I have tracked the weirdness of this disease pretty well as I live somewhat in isolation. Self-unemployed, no family at home, no restraurants, fast food or pizza delivery to throw off my observations.As reflected in my name I take a fairly radical position to this so-called disease. I suspect that this sensitivity is actually an advantage - that our guts are sensitive enough to ward off an inappropriate protein at the immediate level. In others the grass proteins go more into the body and are later stripped out by a variety of seemingly auto-immune functions. Multiple sclerosis in the myelin sheaths and a host of other AI diseases all without official explanation may have an origin in this process.I entertain a number of radical perspectives, perhaps out of self-preservation, perhaps wrongly, but I am on the fringe of most ideas. That my notions are taken seriously or purported to be true is not important, but I hope to bring some new concepts and possibilities to the table.Among the perspectives of note:- Doctors are inDoctrinated by the pharmalogical biz and treat symptoms only. I do manage to maintain a respect for Docs in a trauma situation, however.- Health insurance is the leading cause of death.- Celiacs are "canaries in the coal mine" and are correctly sensitive to a larger problem.- Testing reflects only the "gut" reaction and the poison of grass proteins reflects in other people elsewhere in a vast array of symptoms and illness.- This illness is far more prevelant than the one in 133 number suggests. Recent studies in New Zealand say 1 in 10 have blood anti-bodies.- By it's nature this syndrome demonstrates singluarly profit mongering position of the pharmed conspiracy and is thus kept under the table with mis-diagnosis, mis-information and disbelief.Anyways, thanks for the opportunity to not feel alone. I am self-diagnosed and won't go under the knife and anesthesia to prove what I know. I am thus shunned from the local support groups oddly. More, later...David - Celiaction



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