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I Need Some Help And Support



I have been living the gluten free lifestyle for 1 month now and I am finally starting to enjoy the food options. I feel like I am eating alot healthier and my energy is going back up, slowly. I was wondering if anyone else went through more emotional symptoms than gut symptoms? I woke up feeling like the world was a dark place and I was really depressed. I had no energy and had thoughts and emotions that I did not think I could ever have. I felt so off balance I thought I could be going crazy. I want to know if anyone went through this and if there is light at the end of the tunnel. How do you go on happily knowing that in a second if you are something you would be back in the same dark place. I need support and help with this subject. How long does it take to get back on track and balanced out. Is there anything I can do besides cutting gluten out that could fasten the process?



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Hi Krisloner,

You may want to check out this thread in another section in this site. It is under the Related Disorders and Research forum. There may be additional threads, but there are also some links to some other sites and references to books etc., that you may want to check out. As you will read from peoples comments in the site, there certainly can be an a component of the disease that effects mental health as well as physical.

Good luck with everything, and hopefully you find lots of helpful information on the site.


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Hi Krisloner,

Check out the link above. It takes you to the related disorders and research forum of this site. There may be additional posts there that you find useful. In this thread, I think you will see that many have struggled as you have with the emotional as well as physical element of gluten intolerance/celiac disease. Ensure that your doctor tests you for any vitamin/mineral deficiencies that might be contributing to the depression. For many, it sounds like as they have healed, their depression has lifted, but likely the timing of that was different for each person.

Good luck with things. Hopefully you find lots of helpful information in this site.

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I am so sorry you are having major problems. You are not crazy. I have been a celiac for many years but did not know until 6years ago. I too felt depressed and sad. No energy. In fact, my son who is 26 now cannot remember me any other way but sick. Now before I continue, there are good days and bad days. Every day is different. It sounds like you need to research this website for helpful choices. Also, find a good doctor. I always recommend a good primary care doctor first. He or she can refer you to other doctors that you may need. Educate yourself and do not let any doctor tell you "it is in your head". I had to be on a gluten free diet for months before I felt better. If you are a celiac, you will need to be on a gluten free diet for life. Gluten is more than just wheat, barley, oats and rye. It is found in many drugs, spices, makeup,the list goes on. Let me know if I can help you . Godspeed, Littlebit

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Thank You. It has been three months since I have been doing my best to cut out gluten as well as casein. It hides itself alot though. I haves really had a hard time with withdrawls and adjusting to a new diet and lifestyle. It has been getting alot more hopeful. I never plan on eating gluten again and really try to keep out of my body care items. I have to say I am feeling alot better and my body does not feel like its running on empty and my emotions are not numbed anymore. I actually like getting up in the morning! It deff. takes time and healing and has really changed my life. God Bless you and thank you for your concern

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