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mum2 charlotte

Any Mums Out There From The Uk?

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I have decided to put my 16 mth old daughter on a gluten free diet cos I suspect she may be intolerant. We`re on day 4 and I feel as if I`m just giving her basics. I`d like some advice about different foods we can try so I can give her a bit of variety.

We eat so much gluten in our family diet so I`m at a complete loss about how to start a gluten free diet. I can`t ask the dietitian for advice as she advised against this.

I`ve looked at various threads on this site but most lists contain so many American foods and brands that I`m none the wiser.

Please help. Much appreciated.

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Hi Mum2charlotte :)

I'm from London (there's only a few Brits on this board) and my husband and son both have coeliac disease.

My son is 16yrs old, so it's very different feeding him to your little one!

Have to tried posting the same question on this site for Brits??...there are plenty of parents with little ones who could point you onto the best foods for babies :)


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