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  1. Yes, in fact, I was perscribed a purple pill, after a colonoscopy (2001) that showed damage to my esophagus (many years prior to Celiac diagnosis). Was told that taking it for up to 90 days should take care of the problem. Eighteen months later and still taking the purple pill, I was in more agony...
  2. In 2016 I was tested for gluten issues via a blood test and a DNA test. Immediately after, I went off gluten. My doctor said it is safe to say that I have Celica Disease and felt that further testing for confirmation was not necessary, based on the 2 test results + 30 years of (retrospective) health...
  3. While traveling out of state, I managed (once again) to get glutenized (is this a word?) Back home and in crippling migraine pain, I took migraine pills in hopes for relief. It turned out that Advil Migraine pills contain gluten and needless to say, I am now in worse shape. The joint and body...
  4. Very true. I guess I'm a little slow in the acceptance process of the facts and differentiating between "well meaning" and "knowing". Also, am I the only one, who doesn't want to hurt other people's feelings, after they spent a.l.l. day preparing and cooking? I know, I understand, I comprehend...
  5. This year, was my first time contending with the question of turkey stuffing. Despite communicating to the Thanksgiving host/cook (well ahead of time) that I had read that it is NOT safe for me to consume turkey meat that had been stuffed with glutinous stuffing, somehow regular stuffing was...