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  1. Audra K

    Blood Work

    It wasn’t a fasting glucose test, they told me he could eat before his blood work. And he hasn’t had any other fasting blo...
  2. Audra K

    Make Up

    My son is 5 years old and was diagnosed almost 2 years ago. He has gluten free tooth paste, shampoo and bubble bath....
  3. Audra K

    Blood Work

    Thank you so much cycling lady!! All that information and articles are very helpful. He does not have a 504 because he...
  4. Audra K

    Blood Work

    Thank you!! Yes we are having him see a counselor. His thyroid was normal and is blood glucose was 96 with normal being...
  5. My son is 5 and was diagnosed 1.5 ago. We just had his panel re-run because we have been suspecting gluten contamination...
  6. Thank you!! I am very anxious to get his results. It’s so hard to know if we are being diligent enough with his diet a...
  7. We are waiting for my sons annual celiac panel to come back. Can even the smallest trace of cross contamination to show...
  8. Audra K

    Cross Contamination: Drawing the Line

    I would love to hear others responses to this! Our 5 year old was diagnosed a little over a year ago. The only restaurant...
  9. Audra K

    Cross Contamination and Depression

    Thank you all so much for your replies! We are having his blood drawn and all his celiac panels rerun today.
  10. Our son was diagnosed almost a year an a half ago. He is 5 now. His blood work at 6 months post diagnosis was great....