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  1. Sandy poo

    That's really interesting to hear. There's loads of auto-immune disease in our family, but none of us have this seasonal presentation. I had wondered whether there was a tree pollen link and that perhaps that an allergy aggravating his immune system might flare up an underlying condition like celiac or crohns. He has a mini flare for about a fortnight in August and he has itchy eyes then (ragweed season here). He doesn't have any allergy symptoms that I can see during winter/spring, but who knows... The doctors in our area don't like running tests on children, so I need to go to them with a really strong hypothesis and put pressure on. At the moment his paediatrician wants to see if his growth drops down any more percentiles before he runs any more tests... It's this seasonal thing that's really muddying the waters.
  2. Sandy poo

    I think it is blood, it was positive on a urine dipstick and that's how I got his paeds referral. They're incredibly reluctant to run any tests on children though, my sisters have the same problem with their kids' doctors (loads of auto-immune disease in our family). Thanks for the link, it was interesting reading.
  3. Sandy poo

    Hi, I was Googling sandy, tarry stool and Celiac threads dominated the search results! I was wondering if I could ask the other parents here a question. In essence, it's 'Do any of your children have seasonal stool symptoms?' I'll explain... My son has had a cluster of symptoms - chronic fatigue, emotional/behavioural problems, black sandy stool, foul smelling breath, joint aches, constipation etc - but it's very markedly worse between February and June. This has happened every year since he turned 2 (although the sandy stool only became obvious last year, so 2 years in a row now), so this is the fourth year that the pattern of ill health is repeating. I'd discounted Celiac as a possibility because of this seasonal pattern. Am I right?
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