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  1. Yes. I have Hashimoto’s, among other issues. tTG was < 2, IGA was mid-normal range. I will likely follow up with a gastroenterologist. The page you point me to does have info on DNA testing. It mentions the gene pair for DQ 8. I have only one of the two - the beta chain 0302. I am trying t...
  2. They did. My antibodies were neg. The endo doesn't like those tests, and he prefers the DNA testing. His take is that I have one of the genes and am at least gluten intolerant. He is calling Labcorp to get a more detailed report, which we'll go over in a month. I'm just trying to make sense of it...
  3. Hi, I have scoured the forums looking for an answer. My endocrinologist tested me for various vitamins and did the HLA testing. I am deficient in all vitamins - A, E, D, B12, Folate, Iodine. This points to an absorption problem - not likely SIBO due to folate level being so low. The HLA testing...