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  1. I was thinking weight loss, but had heard gluten free diet can stop periods... Had regular periods at this weight before... My accidental glutened, was after my period would have been due. No chance of miscarriage or anything, as my partner has been snipped... I am nearly 42 years old, and have no symptoms of early menopause either. Regular as clockwork, then simply gone!
  2. I don’t tend to eat sugary things away, after trying to lose weight, after putting a lot on, a few years ago... I don’t eat chocolate, generally, but going dairy free, would definitely be an issue! After two months gluten free diet, I was feeling much better, with less and less symptoms. But, kind of back to square one, with ibuprofen and glutened... Simply, getting sick, of being sick! I was, starting to gain a few pounds, but lost all that and more recently... Has anyone else, had there periods leave, on a gluten free diet?
  3. I have been told, ibuprofen is not good, if you have any tummy issues... I am being ultra careful regarding Hidden gluten, but recently, was from my husband kissing me, after pizza and garlic bread!
  4. After months of being sick, and tested for everything else, all negative, sick of being sick, I tried a gluten free diet. It definitely helped, except for accidental gluten, and taking ibuprofen... Can’t face being tested, as I appear to be very sensitive to gluten now... But, I’m really struggling not to lose more weight, and my periods have stopped. On a bmi scale, I am on the edge of underweight, but look ill. I was slightly gaining, prior to ibuprofen and accidental gluten, but lost another eight pounds since... Starting to be scared to eat, or eat around people eating gluten.... can anybody else relate?
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