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  1. Thanks! I didn’t realize that the IGA test could be just a specific portion of your total IGA. I looked at at my test results and it says with assessment of total IGA. My follow up appointment is on Thursday, I can ask my doctor for more information when I see her.
  2. About 5 years ago a holistic doctor did an IGG and IGA blood test. My results were normal, but she said to reduce gluten anyway. I used to get terrible migraines, which got much better on the new diet. Im not strict with the diet and will have gluten with up to one meal on most days. I’ve gotten worse with my diet in the past 2ish years. It’s hard to keep, when there was no definitive proof. I’ve also had worsening of symptoms, especially over the past year. A bout of rectal bleeding occurred about 1.5 years ago and again 1.5 months ago which set my regular doctor off on all sorts of tests. Tests in 2014 (pre-diet) IGG: 2 (normal range 0-19) IGA: 5 (normal range 0-19) Test in 2019 (post diet, but not strict) IGA: <1 (normal range 0-19) I started eating gluten just under 2 weeks before an upper endoscopy and almost immediately started feeling really sick. After the test, the doctor said everything looked normal, but he took a biopsy anyway. I’m still waiting on the results. Also, right when the rectal bleeding started (when not doing the best at following the diet) my regular doctor tested my Erythrocyte sedimentation rate which looks for inflammation, then I became very strict with my diet and the specialist tested it again 2 weeks later. First test (bad at diet): 9 (normal range 0-20) second test (strict diet): 7 (normal range 0-20) I see the specialist next week for the results of the biopsy. Could the results have been compromised by years of dieting, even if it’s not strict? Should I ask for an IGG test or would that be a waste? Everything is in the normal range, but I’ve read that IGA <1 is sometimes considered deficient. All the lab results say there’s a 10% chance of a false negative due to diet or low IGA.
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