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  1. thank you Posterboy for your reply. I already stopped my PPIs when I started my gluten free diet, and I feel a better, still having little acid reflux from time to time... I just need to be patient...
  2. Thank you cyclinglady for your reply. This morning I already had my testing done... and I have decided to go back to Gastroenterologist when I get my results.
  3. Thank you for your reply GFinDC, much appreciated. Still having second thoughts on testing and going back to eating gluten. I have read that the testing can be inaccurate...still not sure what to do...
  4. hi there, i'm new here. I just want to know if anybody here experienced having yellowish stool? I have been to doctors but cannot find anything wrong. Been prescribed with PPI for my GERD. To my research, it seems all the symptoms are pointing to Celiac disease. I have started gluten-free diet for 3 days now. feeling better and my energy is better, my GERD is also better. I'm just worried about having yellowish stool for months. Is it also part of this disease? When should I expect to have normal stool again? Thank you in advance for the replies.
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