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  1. Good articles. Vitamin D is interesting, both my Drs are very into it. They say their AI patients have less symptoms when their level is in the 50s. I go out in the sun a lot too! I might add a daily. I also think my chrohns is still simmering, which is why I’m skeptical that gluten is the problem. They’ll likely add 6MP soon. So, i might give diet a shot, maybe the sensitivity thing exists. I’m very fact and proof based, though. I did enjoy reading the studies. I hope your brother is doing well, and if not I’m so sorry. I lost a friend because of her chrohns. I try not to think about it because it’s rare that happens, but also makes me appreciative of how far medicine has come.
  2. Thanks you two! I’ve been eating gluten every day of my 29 years ha. My thing is, every possible test was negative so to me, I don’t have it. I agree with my Dr that anytime you test negative for something it’s a good thing. Chrohns is enough. She tested me so many times because of the anemia and vit D issue. Did your vitamin D level ever into normal range now DC? Thanks for reminding me of the AI protocol. Back when I was sick I read about but I need to look again. I guess there’s no harm if seeing if it improves my bloodwork but thought I’d ask. I didn’t want to be a fad dieter Hm I do wish there were more studies on autoimmune diseases.
  3. Hello, I mean no disrespect to anyone here with Celiac, and don’t want to come off as anyone being overly paranoid about a very real thing here. But, I would love some insight. I have chrohns disease which is thankfully “in remission” thanks to Stelara. I’m still having other autoimmune issues, as my rheum calls it. My ANA has been increasing the past few years and is now 1:2560, but negative for the lupus and RA. My GI did the full celiac blood panel twice and it was negative. She did an endoscopy with lots of biopsies and my stomach samples showed inflammation and small intestine was metaplasia. It was decided that was my chrohns. I’m still anemic and haven’t GI bled in years. I did 8 weeks of the 50K weekly vitamin d with no increase in my levels. My GI system feels excellent but fatigue and body/joint aches have been a huge huge issue. My friend is urging me to stop gluten so I’m considering it but I feel like if I’m not celiac, then why? So, in a long shot, did anyone get negative on all tests? Anyone happen to get lower ANA testing after going gluten free? I know there’s no harm in trying, but as my GI told me, let’s not add another diagnosis to your list if we don’t need to.
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