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  1. This is very helpful to know. If I can ask, what were the changes that you made after your test was still elevated? It would be very helpful to know the specifics of what habits made the difference for your antibody levels. And how often did you get tested in the beginning? Thanks!!
  2. Thank you so much, we are in the process of looking it through... its long! It's really challenging to figure out how fastidious to be. It would be one thing if I felt the symptoms when I ingested a small amount, but because I don't, it becomes a theoretical issue. Thanks to all for their...
  3. Hello. I am newly diagnosed, 5 weeks post endoscopy, started gluten-free that day. My symptoms were never that severe, just periodic mid-back ache, short term fatigue and D that I couldn't figure out for a couple years. I have a question that I can't seem to find scientific answers to, despite...